Easiest Ways to Do a Reverse Phone Information Lookup

A friend told me a while ago that most people would never be able to have the thrill of slamming down a rotary dial phone when they got someone on the line they did not know. I suggested that a lot of people would have not even had the opportunity to touch a rotary dial telephone.

That is how fast technology has moved forward, and now one can find out with relative ease, the name and address of most people that call them today. It is relatively easy to go onto the Internet and find a reverse phone information lookup for many countries in the world, and in this article, we are going to cover off some of the features and issues.

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Have you faced Unknown Callers?

Have you had to face unknown callers? Those are the ones that do not let their caller identity show up on the screen of your cell phone?

If someone is going to call you, the question has to be asked, in this day and age, why would they want not want your phone to identify who is calling?

I know when I receive blocked calls, my first instinct is to hang up on the caller. I think it is a crank call, or a call from a telephone marketer, which is one of the worst calls anyone could hope to receive. But, let’s look at what can be done about finding out who called.

Head to the Internet

The first thing to do is head to the Internet, and if you are out somewhere in the wild blue yonder, if your phone worked, you must be able to get on the Internet. But keep in mind that most of these phone information lookup services are no longer free, as they were a few years ago.

Now, you may find out for free with the phone information lookup service, the area the call was from, which may be sufficient for you to know if it is a crank call or not.

Alternately, when the phone information lookup service advises “information is available” you may be tempted to bring out the credit card and purchase the information. Keep in mind, though that the information may not be any better than what you got for free if the service is private, or if from a cell phone that is on the move.

Only you can decide if the fee is worth paying, and getting the opportunity to open the box from the phone information lookup service to see what is inside. It could be you “strike gold,” or it could be that you “wasted your dollar, or so”.

Another Trick to Try

There is always Phone Tracing, which is a phone information lookup service that can automatically be provided by your telephone service provider. Get a call you don’t know, and follow this process:

1. Immediately hang up the call.
2. Dial *57 and follow the prompts.

This automatically gets you into the phone information lookup service call tracing option from your service provider. To have this work, you need your caller ID turned on, and keep in mind that there may be a charge for the service. It is best to ask your service provider first before you go ahead and use the tracing service.

Some companies provide the service for free, so hopefully, your service provider is one of the free phone information lookup services for tracing calls.

Other Options Available

Those beautiful cell phones. They can do just about anything we can think of with the right app. And for a phone information lookup service, the mobile phone apps have not let us down. There is a veritable goldmine of apps available, no matter if you use Android or Apple. For example, there is a Whitepages App that can provide free information, there is Number Guru, Privus Mobile, True Caller and Caller Identification App, as well as others, all there to catch who is calling you.


For some reason today, not knowing who is calling us is a red flag that goes up in most people. We feel we have the right to know who is calling, and that is probably a result of the large numbers of crank calls most people get these days. Technology has done some wonderful things for us, but it also brings out the worst in some people whether they are calling us by telephone to buy something or pay for some service we do not want.

Reverse phone information lookup, or reverse number lookup, provides us with the opportunity to catch these people and find out who was calling us. This can be done through one of the Internet reverse lookup services, with an app for your telephone, or you can tap into the phone trace feature from your service provider by dialing *57.

The above are all good options, but just be aware they work only as good as the information in the system about the telephone number, and most of the reverse phone information lookup services are now pay for service, if you are not inclined to pay.

In the end, the choice is yours. Either do not answer the calls that are not identified, or take the call and use one of the services available to find out who is calling. And it is just too bad there is no rotary dial phone around to slam down to get rid of our frustrations.

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