How to Find Exact Location of a Cell Phone Easily

mSpy is graded as the most unique and popular safety monitoring software around the world; its uniqueness is witnessed through how it tracks in real time it allows you to find the exact location of a cell phone. It comes in handy to explicitly monitor all hand held devices and even to the extent of personal computers, it’s amazing how such application comes with many salient features for safety and confidentiality. The software works through the means of tracking all background activities of devices, such activities include; surfing or browsing history, GPS, Videos, and Images. It also tracks and monitors among other things; social media activities, emails, texts messages, WhatsApp, Skype, and more.

mSpy can easily help in tracking the exact location of a cell phone 24×7 and that too remotely from your computer or smartphone. It is a monitoring application that can help you in tracking your kids so that they are safe. The best part about this app is that its very easy to use. Here is all you need to do in order to Find Exact Location of a Cell Phone Easily.

  1. Go to and Download the Tracking App
  2. Get the target phone and install the app in it
  3. Go to your mSPY control panel and track the exact location of the cellphone

This is all you need to do in order to track the location of a cellphone. The best part about this app is that it works in realtime, this means you will get cell phone location LIVE 24×7. Other than tracking location mSPY has many other features which can come very handy when monitoring someone.


With over 24 features you stand a chance to enjoy using it for your monitoring purposes. Besides all that, it’s also very secretive in its operation, it’s an excellent security solution for your family. It also comes in handy when you want to monitor how your workers are performing; it is a great application that is fun to use.

Monitor Texts Messages:

The application will enable you to monitor all text messages or SMS from the device that you are monitoring, you can see all received and sent texts messages including the dates and time. It also allows you to view all texts on non-jail-broken devices and iOS controlled gadgets.

Snapchat Monitor:

You have an opportunity to control all snap chats on the device that is monitored in real time, including videos, photos, drawings and any images. You can trace the date and time any of the above items were shared, all videos duration.

Call Logs:

It comes with the capability of tracking all call logs to the devices you are monitoring, that is advantageous since you can trace which number called your children or for security reasons. You are able to monitor all call logs your employees are receiving or calling, especially using official devices and lines.

Email Management:

The application makes it easy to track all emails whether outgoing or incoming in real time, you can monitor all emails your employees are exchanging on their official emails during working hours. Some employees could be emailing your competitors or misusing working hours for something else, it is also great to monitor what type of emails and from which sources your children are receiving.

Track GPS:

The application gives you advantage since you can track where your children or employees are, that is ideal especially to know whether your employees are doing their official duties in the field. Your children too need that extra eye to ensure their safety always. Find exact location of cell phone in real time using myspy.

Monitoring Internet:

Myspy application makes it easy to check all internet use on the devices, all you need to do is install it on the devices you are monitoring and the rest is history. It enables you to check all browsing history, all website Bookmarks your children or employees are using. You can block unwanted websites from the central controlling panel, this is ideal to check on your children not to browse sensitive websites and more. You also manage your entire wireless internet from each hotspot; you can do that right from the control panel.

Access to Address Book and Calendar:

You can know who your children have saved on their address book, the calendar accessibility allows you to see what schedules your employees or children are having. If it’s a suspicious schedule then you can act in time for safety, sometime your workers could be scheduling for an interview or an official meeting without your knowledge.

Monitor Instant Messages;

You can read instant messages as they stream in, that can be ideal since you can check all instant messages sources and contents in real time. Instant messages are sensitive since they communicate something then, you can monitor such messages from whichever source. You can read all instant messages and avert something dangerous to your children, any sensitive communication to your business.

Applications and Programs Control:

You have an upper hand to control all applications and programs that run on the devices, your children might have installed some deceptive or bad program and applications. You can wipe out all such unwanted installations just from the control panel; this is wonderful because you are in control on the devices in question.

Other Features:

Other features include; 24/7 support and a robust customer care for any technical issue you may have, you can view multimedia files. Remote control capability, which can stop or delete any unsuitable content. It’s just an application with great feature for both safety and confidentiality.

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