How to Find Out Who Called Me From This Number

I always feel like somebody is calling me.” OK, so that is not the exact chorus from the 1980s Rockwell hit “Somebody’s Watching Me”; however, repeated and inexplicable phone calls from a single unidentified number can evoke the same feelings of uncertainty, discomfort and even paranoia expressed in the lyrics of that bouncy, danceable and downright spooky dance floor classic. Aside from trying to discern “Who is watching me?”, the concerned Rockwell may have been trying to figure out “Who is calling me?” And that is why pretty much everyone who owns and uses a phone should learn the refined art of reverse phone lookup. In that way, you can solve the eternal mystery of how to find out who is calling me.’ 

Who Is Calling Me? – Does It Matter?


In these times, people have various reasons to express concern about unidentifiable phone numbers; thus prompting them to wonder just how to find out who called me.’ People worry most commonly that they will be contacted by those often annoying creatures known as telemarketers; that—through the purchase of a single magazine subscription or specialized product or service, or perhaps even a donation to a favorite charity—their names and phone numbers will make it on to a call list. Suddenly everyone who has a product or service to sell is ringing your phone, insisting that they have got a deal for you; something you can not live without’; and youwill love to tell them that you can live without it, most easily. Yet all things considered, you will rather just avoid their calls altogether.

Others may fear that bill and debt collectors will contact them, reminding them of outstanding charges and unpaid bills in what can sometimes be an unpleasant or even threatening manner. This is a common problem in these uncertain economic times, when even one missed bill payment can bring about a torrent of calls that could come any time of the day or night, shattering your peace and embarrassing you in the presence of family or friends.

In addition, some people may wish to avoid calls from former friends or love interests who—for one reason or another—no longer belong in their lives. And while you may already have blocked their phone numbers, they could move or change their numbers at any time; thus catching you off guard with their unwanted calls so far.

Of course, some folks remedy this situation by refraining from answering unidentified numbers of any sort. The problem with that method, of course, is that you might miss an important call from someone that you indeed wish to speak to; be they an employer or business partner, a long lost friend, or a family member who changed phone numbers without your knowledge. That is why, before you ignore the call altogether, you need to find out how to find out who is calling me.’

How to Find Out Who is Calling You


One option, of course, is to enlist a detective or a public records service to identify the caller; yet this process can be costly and time-consuming, and should only be used in extreme cases.

It is also true that just about every phone these days, whether it is a house phone or a cellular phone, comes complete with a caller ID screen. Yet while this feature is helpful at times, it is far from fool proof.

A typical caller ID screen will list the phone number of the person calling; yet it will not always reveal their identity. And this is where the feature known as reverse phone lookup comes in particularly handy.

Who Called Me ? Reverse Phone Lookup To Find Out

reverse phone search

Reverse phone lookup is a simple process that can be completed in a variety of ways. All you need is a working computer and a few spare minutes to answer the question of how to find out who called me.’:

Google it. Or Yahoo! It. Or Bing it. You know, whatever works. By typing an unidentified number into any reliable search engine, you may be able to immediately identify as to who has been ringing your phone.

Searching a number may trace its association to the person or company who owns it as well as their geographic location. Or, if other people are receiving pesky calls from the same darned number, they may state their experiences on message boards—along with, perhaps, the specific reasons that these people were called and by whom.

Let your fingers do the walking. Yellow.Com, the online version of the Yellow pages, offers an easy to use feature known as Reverse find.’ You simply type in the number that appears on your Caller ID screen, and—unless the number is unlisted—the name of its owner will appear on the screen.

Visit a reverse phone lookup website. That is right; the quandary of how to find out who called me’ is so pressing that entire websites have been established to answer this most pressing question. With names like

  • GoLookUp.Com
  • ReversePhoneLookUp.Com
  • Instant Checkmate.Com

These websites are online solely for the purpose of helping people uncover the source of mysterious phone numbers. These sites can be accessed free of charge and are simple to use; just type the number in question into the search engine supplied on the site, then study the results revealed on screen.

Of course, as is the case with just about anything on today is good lo’ World Wide Web, you should be careful when trying to resolve the quandary of how to find out who called me.’ Some web services may try to charge you for the privilege of unmasking an unwanted caller; so before you enter any personal or financial information, be sure that their reverse phone lookup service can be accessed free of charge, with no hidden costs involved.

By resolving the issue of how to find out who just called me,’ the refined art of reverse phone lookup is lending security and peace of mind to a number of people around the world; folks who never again always have to feel like somebody is calling them.’

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