How to Find the Best Reverse Phone Number Lookup Alberta

Reverse phone lookup services have been a boon for thousands of people in Alberta and other countries who get unwanted calls every day. At times, the calls can range from pesky to threatening and when you get stalking calls every day, you are more than eager to get to the depth of the problem and find the owner who is robbing your peace of mind. Reverse phone number search services allow you to trace the owner of a number without breaking into a sweat. The best part of it all is that you can remain hidden yourself and conduct the investigation without the knowledge of the individual. There are many reverse phone lookup Alberta services that you can choose from, if you are a resident of Alberta.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup Alberta


You can simply check out the websites that provide these services and visit their pages. Generally, they need you to enter the number that you are curious about and click on the Search or Find button. Most reverse phone lookup Alberta websites provide information within a matter of seconds. You can find out the owner of the number – his name, contact details, mailing address, Google Maps image of the exact location, his prior address and even his previous location in some cases. In a few websites, you can even be able to avail such private information as court records and criminal history.

How to Find the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Service in Alberta?

The process is extremely easy. You can check the reviews in product and service review websites and find out the services that have been approved the most. Check out which of the websites have received the most positive feedbacks and approval ratings from customers. This will be enough to inform you about the best reverse phone lookup Alberta service that is available. Although many reviews and feedbacks can be manipulated or biased, you may cross check the information with other websites and form a fair idea about the websites that have won the maximum ratings.

Types of Reverse Phone Lookup Services in Alberta

Alberta has both free as well as paid websites that provide reverse cell phone number lookup services. The free ones do not charge you anything for their services although the information that you get is limited and there are only a handful of websites that really offer free services without hidden charges and costs. Many so-called free websites charge you something as soon as they generate a report for you. Paid services charge you upfront and you are normally supposed to pay a one-time subscription fee, following which you are free to use the service for as long as you want. Some services also ask you to pay a small fee for every number that you wish to search about. Beware of websites that look fishy and demand a huge sum of money in the form of donation or other things. There are many fraudulent services online and you have to be really cautious who you are signing up with.

Check access availability to major telecom services

You will not like to waste time with a free lookup service. Most free agencies are careless about their services and do not actually care whether or not the information is accurate as long as they can generate revenues from advertisements. You will not have any guarantee. If you actually wish to get the best reverse phone lookup service, you have to ensure that you are going with an agency that provides access to the databases of the major telecom companies. You need to sign up with an agency that offers dedicated services to help you know about the people who are disturbing you with calls.

Try Reverse Phone Detective or True Caller

True Caller is something which is very popular now a days, It is a FREE phone directory service having database of phone numbers from all over the world so it should also work in Alberta, Here all you need to do here is

  1. Visit TrueCaller Website
  2. Login with Your Facebook or Google Account
  3. Enter the Phone Number you want to reverse lookup for
  4. Get the Name and Location of the Owner

True Caller works almost every time but if in terms it fails then you can try the paid service called the Phone Detective which you can find below.

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