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Reverse phone lookup is a recent mobile phone innovation that adds up to the big list of scientific innovation. It uses the list of the available public details recorded during the registration of mobile and landline numbers. With the current technological innovations, the world can be said to be headed on the right direction. Well, the fancy part is that these innovations help you access a wide range of services at ease. Such services have brought different people together regardless of their geographic location. That notwithstanding, the innovations have been used to counter crime/ prevent crime as well as locate fugitives.

What is a reverse phone number lookup?

In our case, we focus on reverse phone lookup-what it entails and how it works. Reverse Phone lookup can be defined as an online system that helps reveal your personal caller identity. In short, a reverse phone lookup system help locate the mobile or landline number or the caller in question. In locating the number or the caller, the system reveals all the callers information, email, the owner’s name, the time zone as well as the location.

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The information revealed is not uniform as different numbers are registered during different regime with different policies. Nevertheless, all details revolve around the national identification numbers such as the social security number or the birth certificate number. Ideally, a reverse phone lookup is a network that tracks callers through their landline or mobile numbers.

Some of the common users of the reverse phone lookup include investigative agencies as well as the general public. Well, take a case of a number that is continuously calling you or issuing threats to your loved one. A click on the button can help you identify not only the caller’s name but also find their geographical location. It is in this reason that the system can be used to counter crime or other irregularities.

Reverse telephone directory

The reverse telephone directory is commonly used to refer to a gray pages directory or a reverse phone lookup. It is important to note that the reverse telephone directories are used by government agencies such as the emergency departments. Ideally, the reverse telephone directory came up due to the need to bring all mobile users under one command. Nevertheless, the reverse telephone directory has evolved to accommodate more features. It is such features that allows for finding of individuals regardless of their geographical location.

Well, it is obvious that you may be questioning the validity of the information given. However, it is important to note that the reverse phone lookup network reveal the exact information contained in the national database. To start us off is the fact that it is a legal requirement for all individuals to register both their mobile and landline numbers. In registering their numbers, the clients may be required to produce their identity cards as well as other documents. The reverse phone lookup network uses this information in tracking a given number.

I don’t need the reverse phone lookup, I can do that on social media

Social media platforms such as facebook and Twitter come with different features. The most alluring feature is the search button. Through the button, you can feed in a name or a number and you will get all the information, right? However, have you ever figured out that not all social media users reveal about their numbers? Well, such cases make it impossible to locate such individuals meaning that social media platforms are not a guarantee of getting details regarding a given number or caller.

Nevertheless, the good news is that through the reverse phone lookup, you can locate any registered number regardless of the geographical region. The fancy part about the reverse phone lookup is that it is based on a reliable database-the national records. Below is a short list of instances that may require the use of reverse phone lookup. What if the number is not registered will I still find the details? That impossible, all operational numbers are registered. In short, no number can be functional before being registered which acts as a guarantee of finding details regarding any mobile number on earth.

Commonly revealed details

The details revealed may vary depending on the details recorded during the registration of the mobile or the landline number. In short, the reverse phone lookup is fully dependant on the registration details of the network provider. However, this does not mean that the government is not the custodian of the said details; the government oversees the registration process via the network providers. Here is a short list of some of the commonly revealed details;

  • National identity card number
  • Physical location of the caller
  • The gender of the caller
  • Both the first and the last name of the caller
  • Any other public information as per the provision of the State in question.

How does the reverse phone lookup works

Well, you might be thinking that the process calls for a computer wizard or an IT expert to do it. The truth is that any computer user can use the services at ease. All you need is to log in the website in question. Upon opening the website, the server provides you with a column to key in the number and any other information may facilitate the search.


After sending the inputs, the server sends back an output of details that vary depending on the details or information found on the central server. The fancy bit is that the latter is quick and free of any costs. However, it is important to realise that different providers may charge some hidden costs to their clients. It is in this reason that one needs to sample a list of all available reverse phone lookup providers.

An instance where you want to hire a domestic worker or any other professional

Well, it is undisputed truth that a big list of people is faced with tight schedules that leaves them with minimal or no time to supervise their businesses, children or perform their domestic chores. Well, the most reasonable solution would be hiring an assistant whom you will entrust with your children assets which sounds absurd but it is the only solution!

In such a case, one needs to closely scrutinize all the details. However, it is important to note that you can be supplied with fake names or documents. Well, the good news is that you can escape all the potential tricks or lies by a click of the button. Through the reverse phone lookup, you can accesses all the details of the person in question-all you need is their number.

Which is the Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup App | Service

As you must know that there are hundreds of app in the market that offers reverse phone lookup service and that too for free. Out of them the one which is mostly used is;


True Caller : Recently evolved, this nasty little app can search the hell out of a number. What you just need to do here is input the phone number that you want to lookup for and Bang!! You will get the owner name and address associated with it.

But, what if you want to go advanced and want to find the name of the caller, their addressphone companyagemap location and other in-depth bits. This is where the next premium paid website comes.

Phone Detective : Just as Said above, It is the next level to true caller. All you just need to do is go to their homepage and search for the 10 digit US number, thats It. You can leave everything else for the web app itself.

How to Find details of a missed call

Assume a scenario where you receive a call from unknown person or a situation where you find a list of unknown missed calls? What is the most probable thing you will do, call back or assume that it is a wrong number? Well, it is important to note that either way you stand loosing valuable airtime or an important call. It is in this reason that using the reverse phone lookup can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.

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Secondly, it is important to note that making international calls can proof to be expensive. That notwithstanding, there are many conmen awaiting any chance to relieve you the burden of carrying some dollars.

Did you just make a wrong mobile money transfer?

Although mobile money transfer has come as a blessing to many individuals and businesses, a slight mistake in transferring the money can lead to grave consequences. Well, there is an option of calling the customer care services to reverse the transactions but what is your plan B if that fails? Simply enter the number you did make the transaction to and wait for few seconds or utmost five minutes and here is the magic!

You will in turn receive details regarding the name of the mobile number owner, their geographical location, the gender as well as other information that may help you locate the individual. Well, am not giving a guarantee that you will find your money, all am saying is that you will have a made a step forward in recovering your money.

Wish to clarify some information

Reverse phone lookup platform is greatly beneficial to business organization. A typical day in the sales or marketing department is full of phone calls and making short notes given by the client. Well, assume a case where you scribble down the name but forgets to write down the name too? Such a case can lead to losing a potential client or a valuable player in the business. The secret to solving the problem is using the reverse phone lookup express. The latter connects to a national database that homes or national identification details such as the place of birth, national card identification number as well the social security number.

Secondly, assume a case where your area code is 513 but you receive a call with an area code 423. The probable questions that you will have are whether to call back or assume that it is a missed call. In addition to that calling back may not only proof to be expensive but cal as well as expose to unnecessary risks. Such a case calls for careful moves which can only be achieved through using the reverse phone outlook.

Tracking law breakers and other fugitives

The reverse phone lookup is of great help both to the private and public security agencies. Take a case where you a client or any individual reports a case of a dishonest worker or criminal demanding for a ransom. Through the phone lookup platform, it is possible to track down such fugitives or lawbreakers. That notwithstanding, is important to note that the process is less expensive as compared to other investigative procedures. Secondly, there is less resources in term of time and resources used in the process as compared to other process. Lastly, one also guaranteed of quick results-in less than five minutes.

Pros of the reverse phone lookup service

Although the system comes with great benefits, it is equally important to note that the system comes with its equal share of pros. To start us off is the fact that some searches are of minimal help. The case is common in scenario where the server or the system just gives general information but fails to give vital information which may at time be regarded as private information.

Although many people will debate on this, the fact is that the owner of a given number is not necessary the owner of the details that registered the number in question. In short, you may end up getting all information but of the wrong person! However, all is not lost in the drain; the latter helps you track the owner of the number through the owner of the details that registered the number.

Lastly, the system is only accessible to individuals conversant with computers, windows or android phones. It is in this reason that many people view it as an expensive and time consuming activity. Nevertheless, the above three obstacles can be solved through learning more about the product. Secondly, there is so much information regarding the product, all you need is to goggle or ask from a friend. Nevertheless, the above information can be of great help to individuals who wish to learn more about the product.


In conclusion, it is evident that the reverse phone lookup has come as a blessing both to individuals and business entities. The good news is that you can have all public details regarding a caller through a press of the button; the latter is also less expensive as compared to other methods. Unlike other methods, you are not required to pay any fee; all you need is internet access and five minutes of your time. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the terms of the services may vary depending on the network provider in question. While some providers offer the service free of charge, others require a payment of few dollars. Entrepreneurs who do not have this phone should opt for it in order to make their work easier when communicating with their clients or suppliers.

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