How to Install Phone Tracker in Android and iPhone

Technology has evolved a lot over last decade, specially with the advent of smart phones it has made our lives much easier. In other way we can say by using smartphones for doing day to day basic activities we need not go to our computers, as most of our daily activities like browsing, booking movie tickets, bill payments and accessing social networking sites etc. are on tip of our fingers via smartphones.

Along with its advantages using smartphones also bring challenges, nowadays even kids and teenagers going to school carry smartphone.Being a parent you will always be concerned about there whereabouts and well being when they are out. Similarly when you are at work place and when you have a deadline to meet that is the completion of project assigned to you.

Are you able to control or monitor whether your employees are providing ample time to project or control the information they are sharing to external parties over e-mail, text etc.

Hidden Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone


The solution to all above issues and concerns can be addressed by using hidden phone tracker. The application software is not a spyware if downloaded from authentic sites for ex:

The following are features of a hidden mobile tracker software which can help improve productivity at your work place and help you control your children well so that they don’t get into trouble :

1) Call logging: The app provides you all logs of calls made and received on phone and it also helps you in blocking a particular caller who can be a potential threat to your child or Organization.

2) Controlling text messages: Have a check at the text messages which are being sent from the device, the app maintains a copy of all texts in the admin console, hence you can constantly monitor and avoid any leakage of critical data of your organization.

3) Enforcing email policy: When you are working in an organization you can understand the importance of e-mails and hell lot of information that could be shared over e-mail, using hidden phone tracker you can easily safeguard your critical business data by monitoring your employees.

4) GPS tracking: Tracking of your child location is extremely important when they are outdoors, you can easily do it by using this app. The mobile device tracker can also be configured to send a notification if the device is out of defined safe zone, a must have feature for safety of your child.

5) Managing instant messaging apps: All the calls on skype, whatsapp, viber and messages shared through other instant messaging apps can also be tracked, hidden mobile tracker app also enables you to read all the chats and data sharing done on whatsapp, hence it helps you know whether your child or employees are on right track.

6) Track social networking activities: You can stay connected with the latest updates of the child or employees by tracking there social networking activities. As tracking the conversation on social networking sites will help you in keeping the trouble at bay for your child.

7) Monitor internet activity: To have a control on the productivity of your employees you need to monitor their browsing history in office time and that can be achieved using hidden phone tracker. Similarly if you want to stop your child from accessing some unwanted sites it can be achieved. You can easily block websites which can be harmful to end device or not good for your child.

8) Controlling wireless activities: You can control your employees as long as they are on your premises, but when they are out of your network using hidden phone tracker you can easily have a check on which wireless network they are connected.Leakage of critical data on employees company issued smartphones can be stopped by blocking the connections made to insecure wireless networks.

9) Knowing their schedules and company: Are you aware with whom your children are hanging out with or your employees are meeting with specially when they are meeting your competitors? You can be now by having access to their contacts and calendar using hidden mobile tracker.

Apart from above utilities you can also safeguard your critical data on end device when they are stolen by simply wiping out remotely using hidden phone tracker app. Having so many features can sometime lead to technical disruptions and you can surely get the intended technical support from the developer of the product.

Hence, by installing mobile device tracker software the information which should remain official will remain so and your child under your attentive and careful guardianship.

How to Install a Hidden Phone Tracker App.

To Install the app all you need to do is follow the below steps and you are good to go.

  1. Go to and buy the tracker
  2. Install it in the target phone you want to track.
  3. Login to your mSPY channel and track the phone in realtime.


  1. I suspect that I am being taken for a ride by my wife and would like to trace her phone , with calls messages , Whatsapp etc.
    I would also like to get access to the contents of facebook , and any other form of communication on her laptop.
    This all needs to happen without her knowing.

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