How Someone Can Login to Your Facebook Account Without Password

There are many reasons to hack a persons facebook account. There maybe few reasons to do this because of the breach of privacy but there are also some genuine reason like you could be a concerned parent looking to control your child when you suspect they are into something like drug abuse or are missing classes to meet boys. Or that account might be yours of which you have lost password. For whatever reasons, You should know that there are many ways someone can login to Facebook account without password and without you even knowing.

So in this post I am going to show you how a hacker can get access to your Facebook Account. This post is informative and must not be used in any way to promote hacking.

mSPY Monitorting App Can be Used to Access Facebook


mSPY is a fine monitoring software with inbuilt keylogger and Facebook monitoring feature and this app is available for both computers and cell phones (Android or iPhone). In todays life everyone handle their social life on their cell phones. So this app can be used in wrong ways by someone to access your Facebook account.

Now, How can mSPY help in hacking Facebook account?

Once this mSPY software is installed in the target phone or computer from where the you login to your Facebook account. Everything else will be handled by the software. This is the simplest way someone can access your Facebook account without password or without you even knowing.

Once Installed in the target phone or computer, The app will start to function and will remotely send all the data (password and login) online which the intruder can view remotely from his computer by logging into mSPY cPanel.

mSPY is a legal and reputed app with lots of nice usage if not used in a wrong way. It can come very handy if you want to keep an eye on your under 18 child. This is one of the legal use of mSPY.

3 Mutual Friends Way to Hack Facebook


What the hacker will need:

  • Three mutual friends or accounts that are in your friend list
  • The targets phone number or email address
  • A new email address that is not registered on facebook

1. Gets Your Target email address or phone number

Attacker will need these to log in to your account at the beginning when it shows to key in you email address and password. He will key in the email address or phone number and click the forgot password button at the bottom of the log in page.

2. “This is Your Account” Which will be Hacked

After clicking the I forgot my password button, He will be asked to key in the email address or phone number again. The account name will appear and he will be asked if that is your account or not. It is sort of a point of no return. If he gets your account then he will proceed.

3. “No longer have access to these” – As they Don’t have your Password.

He will be moved to a page that will ask,” how you want to choose a method in which you will be able to reset your password” . It will give him two choices either to get the password via your email address or the link to reseting your password be sent to you via email which will not be possible as only you have access to that. As hacker does not have access to your account he will click the “I no longer have access to these” button.

4. Email Address That Hacker Control.

The new page will bring him to a page that will give him a option to move to a page asking to enter an email address that will be used to reset the password. He will then have to enter an email address that is not linked to any other Facebook account.

5. Security Question – Too easy for the Intruder 

The security question will be displayed to him like. These security questions contain words and numbers he has to key in correctly, That you have added. If the intruder is someone close to you then it might be possible that he already know your security question which gives him easy access to your account. If he doesn’t know you then he cannot key in these words. But don’t be happy there is a way out for him.

6. Fake Friends – Stabs on your back

If he cannot get the security question, He will choose the get help from friends options. Here, he will be required to choose three friends. Now here what he will do is, he will create three separate accounts and make you accept the friend request from these accounts. The reset codes will be sent to these accounts and he can use them to reset the password.

The Keylogger Method that Intruder Use.


Keylogger is a program that is suspicious and records your strokes. Some of keyloggers are highly advanced to a point that they can even take a screenshot of a desktop. Keylogger may be used to hack someone Facebook account password. Also keylogger can find application in mailing you all passwords that have been saved on the pc of your victims PC to your own Gmail account.

This method can be used by someone very close to you and who has access to your smartphone. There are many software that are available in the market today called as keyloggers which help in logging into someone else FB account without even changing the password. 

mSPY is one such app, more information can be obtained from mSpy Review

Tips to Make Your Facebook Account Secured

  1. Never ever share your account password with anyone
  2. Don’t accept friend request from stranger
  3. Stay away from phishing website : looks like Facebook but isn’t
  4. Dont click on those spam links, which appears on your news feed.
  5. Get your phone and laptop checked for any keyloggers.
  6. Make Sure you use phone verification when making Facebook account.
  7. Don’t use FB on any phone and computer other than yours
  8. Only send request to those whom you trust.
  9. Alter your privacy setting to make your FB account more secure.
  10. Never Ever Try to Hack anyone’s FB account, Revenge and Karma is a bitch Man!!

No matter how much the security tighten there is always a way out for intruders. Hacking Facebook account is not cool, Stay away from it. 


Note:- This Post is informative and does not encourage Hacking. Hacking a Facebook account may constitute a crime.Evil Hackers are the one who hack an account and start using it to spread abusive messages and other evil contents. Such a behavior should be highly avoided. Hacking should only be used in beneficial ways like a case where a person forget the password of his account or pc

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  2. I would like my bf password for fb. He is allowed on my fb when ever but I’m not allowed to see his. And I know he has flirted with a lot of girls and it’s driving me crazy.
    I would just like to know if he is still lying to me.

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      same goes to me 🙁 i know that he flirted with this one girl but i hve no proof to tell my parents bout this

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    • I know the feeling. I want to get into my boyfriends Facebook as well including his phone because I’ve got a good feeling that he’s cheating on me I’m not sure, but I’d like to know the truth. I let him see my phone, iPod, etc… Because I know I’m not hiding anything from him, but yet I can’t see his phone or iPod or anything like that. Also I’ve told him that he can get on my Facebook to see who all I talk to, but yet I can’t log in to his. Now how obvious is that so I think he maybe lying to me I hope not.

      • I’m in the same boat as y’all. My husband has been making a lot sexual comments to a lot of women on facebook and one of them in particular use’t to be my friend as well, then out of the blue, removed me from her list….I just want to know why and find out if their still in contact and if he’s continued to act sexually toward her or not.

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    • If you let them used your laptop and if they save their password on some site whatever that might be then go to it until you find the site that he save his password on and highlight it and right click it and goto inspect then goto where it says password in the code change it to text and it will show his or hers password; however, their password would have to be save on the site.

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  12. I have hacked into accounts and found out exactly what I was suspecting. If you’re having a feeling your partner is not faithful, you’re most likely correct. When a marriage or a relationship comes near its end, finding the evidence only makes your heartbreak more painful. Never the less, if you so choose to hack into private account, its illegal and you’re risking jail stint if you’re caught in a messy situation. Usually if you have an email address, you can plug that in and it will ask you their security questions, if you don’t know the answers have your best guess, sometimes it asks for the person’s father’s or mother’s middle or last name, you can always use Facebook accounts to track people and their information, and if you have their cell number its even easier sometimes people put very simple security questions, answering them is basic knowledge. I mean somebody can guess your favorite color, or the make of your car, that’s not that hard.., and then they can get into the account and set up different password and have all your secrets spilled to the world. Be glad you’re a regular person and not a celebrity, your nude pics are less likely to be interst to the general public.

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