[How To] mSPY Login – Does mSPY Really Work?

There are many spy apps available in the online market and that too for free so why is mSPY paid and why should I buy it. Believe me, I asked myself the same question but after trying much of those shitty FREE spy apps I thought of giving mSPY a try and that made my life now I know why mSPY is different from other. Not revealing much of my personal life, I would only like to say that it has save my marriage and at the end I became a FAN of it. This Review might feel biased but believe me I am writing the truth. So lets start with an obvious question,

What Actually is mSPY ?

mSPY is a fully functional tracking software system that allows you to spy on someone’s smartphone be it Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, Symbian Operating System. It contains an application that has to be installed in the target phone and you can track every data present in the phone remotely from your laptop by just logging in to your mSPY Online account.

How can mSPY be helpful ?

mSPY is infact the most useful software. It can help you to become a better parent by keeping a track on your son, daughter’s calls, texts and location. It can help you save your relationship by spying on your Girlfriend|Boyfriend or Spouse. You can spy on anyone’s phone but make sure that Espionage is an illegal activity so you are required to notify users of the device that they are being monitored. Other than that, this app can also be used as Anti-Theft.

How to Use mSPY ?

Using mSPY is very simple what you just need here is access to the target phone and you can track it remotely from your laptop.

  1. Go to mSPY.com and buy suitable package
  2. Download the provided mSPY app considering the target phone OS
  3. Get the target phone and install this app on the target phone
  4. Login to your mSPY account from laptop or phone and Track everything LIVE

How Does mSPY Works ?

Once Installed in the target phone, mSPY app itself hides and become undetectable. Now this app running in background will send a copy of each and very data present in the phone online which you can view just by logging in to your mSPY account. This thing only works when the target phone is connected to the internet. Best thing is that all this is done at realtime and you can view it LIVE, that means you can view text message being sent and received from/on the phone. The Best thing is that there is No need to touch the phone after software installation.

mSPY Features

Now this part can easily become the longest part of the review because of its never ending features and if I start to write about each and every features of mSPY then it will be a TL;DR (Too Long Don’t Read) for you, So to make it short and simple I will write its features in bullet points.

  • Track Phone GPS Location – Get real-time GPS updates
  • Record each calls and you can listen to the recordings at any time
  • Track Call Time and know who called, when, how often.
  • Read Text Messages sent/received by the device user
  • Read the content of each email sent/received by the device user
  • Read Person’s Facebook | WhatsApp Messages
  • Read Person’s Chats – Viber, Skype, iMessage
  • View Photos and Videos – all multimedia content on the device.
  • Check Internet Browsing History and Bookmarks on Phone
  • Get Access to his/her Calendar Planner and Contacts
  • Record Surrounding through microphone whenever you want
  • Check and Block apps and programs, installed on the target device
  • Password-protect or wipe out its data if there is risk of phone theft.
  • Keylogger – *Best Feature* get logs of each and every keystrokes

mSPY User Interface

I have used many spying apps but I find mSPY cPanel to be the best, It has what I call ‘clean’ interface. Everything is nicely arranged and gets updated at realtime. You can view everything you want just from a single web page. One of the feature of it is that you can totally OFF and ON synchronisation.


mSPY Login Support

Now what can I say about support, This is what I like the most about mSPY they are always ready to help. They are always available on email, chats, calls and everything. Other than that they also provide a toll free number.

mSPY Price

mSPY is just rightly priced considering the features and functionality it provide. Now when it comes to the use of this application, Price you pay is just nothing.

mSPY comes in three packs namely Basic, Standard and Business. I find the standard pack most useful and personally recommend it because It offers you some additional functionality like Facebook | WhatsApp tracking.

The best part is that mSPY price starts from just 39.99$ and Standard pack starts from 69.99$

mSPY Online Login – Conclusion

As I said this review might sound biased to you but believe me I am totally blown away by this app and I never thought in my life that a single application can do all this and that too at such a low cost. Anyways, at the end its your decision and I can change your decision but take my consideration that you will never regret buying it and at the end you will say this review is not biased and you will thank me for writing this review

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