How to Trace Someone by Reverse Landline Phone Lookup

Once in a while you receive a call from a strange number and you wish you could know the caller or their location. This, in most cases, happens when the caller is persistent and you wish you could know who they are. You do not want to answer a strange number but at the same time you are eager to know the caller. A reverse landline phone lookup will then come in handy for you.

What does a reverse landline phone lookup do?

Also known as yellow pages reverse lookup, gray pages, white pages reverse lookup, reverse number lookup or simply reverse directory, a reverse landline phone lookup allows you to trace someone’s details without having to know their names forehand. Contrary to what yellow pages do, where you use someone’s personal details (like their names and address) to get their phone numbers; in a reverse landline phone lookup, you only need to know the telephone number which you enter into a reverse phone lookup website and all the details you need will be retrieved. In short, you use the number to lookup the names not names to get the number.


Depending on the website you use to perform this operation, it could be free or charged. Those that are free always show all the details to you, and avail an exact position of the phone in Google maps. It will also give you the phone service provider, the address of the owner and in some cases the name of the owner of the phone.

Some reverse landline phone lookup are charged at some fee and the details relating to the number is only availed to you upon payment.

Other reverse landline phone lookup will charge you extra to deliver to you all the data publicly available pertaining to the owner, including those that are personal such as marital status, criminal records and more.

Such information could be useful to you in helping you decide whether to communicate with the caller or not. For instance you may want to keep away a sex offender, and not allow them to make contact with you or your children.

Where Do Reverse Landline Phone Lookup Get All The Information?

Reverse landline phone lookup service providers have staff or people they hire to look for these information that are publicly available and store this information in their database. Some of these service providers charge on a monthly basis for unlimited lookups, while others charge per single lookup. They also have details of unlisted numbers, those numbers you cannot find in your local yellow pages. They get the details from different services the line owners sign up for, especially those that publicly display the details.

Under What Circumstance Would You Need a Reverse Landline Phone Lookup

There are several scenarios in which you can find this service useful.

  • Your spouse has unsaved number in his call log every day, and you keep wondering whose it is. You fear asking but also feel suspicious.
  • You find a missed call from an unknown number, you don’t know whether you should call back
  • You realize on your phone bill that there are several calls to a strange number

Reverse landline phone lookup will help you unravel the mysterious persons these numbers belong to.

Reverse Phone Lookup in USA :-

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