How to Track a Cell Phone GPS Location

How to Track a Cell Phone

Mastering how to track a cell phone has many benefits. This can enable you to trace a suspect or a lost mobile phone. It is important to work with a reputable cellphone tracking company in order to learn all the tracking tricks. Your ideal company should have a robust website that offers customers vast database of numbers to search from. Only invest your time and energies in the websites offering efficient and high quality services.

How To Track People By Cell Phone Number

(a) Paid reverse search directory: Contacting for this service is more convenient than using a free reverse lookup cellphone number service. This service provides you with the unique opportunity of accessing private cellphone numbers.

The data you get is usually accurate and can be plotted on a Google earth map. Such data consists of the phone locations, the issuing location and the owner address. A reputable company should provide you with accurate and up to date information on who owns any cellphone number and where it is located. Using this service is therefore considered discreet and confidential.

(b) TrueCaller: In recent times this is the best way to track a cellphone number. TrueCaller is a huge database of phone numbers, All you need to do is input the number and search, You will get the name and the address of the owner.


(c) Variety of services: This method provides the user with many services. It can be used to track down a crime suspect, cheating spouse or a stolen mobile phone.

(d) Prank calls: Cellphone number reverse lookup directories can also be used to track down an irritating person making prank calls. These directories will provide you with perfect and accurate results. You also get an opportunity to access unlimited searches at affordable charges. Most providers charge less than $40.

How To Access The Reverse Phone Directory?

There are two cardinal options:

(a) Using the services of independent companies that also maintain similar databases: This option gives you the convenience of performing your investigation with privacy in the comfort of your own home.

(b) Going for the telecommunication carrier where the unit is subscribed and requesting for the desired data: You will be able to get the information for free depending on their policy. However, the results are limited only for their subscribers as well as the basic personal details of individuals.

How To Track A Cell Phone Using GPS

This method is ideal for tracking lost family member, friend or mobile phone. Popular programs offering this service include: Glympse, Google+, Cozi, Live360 and Find My Friends. GPS tracking methods vary depending on if you are tracking your own phone or someone else’s. GPS technology enables users to track a phone and locate it with paramount accuracy. It is a robust technology that can assist you to locate a lost phone, family member, friend or a suspected criminal. It is currently among the most preferred cutting edge technologies for nabbing criminals.

how to track a cell phone

(a) Getting your family and friends signed into the same social network: The person to be tracked must be signed up for the service and agree to share locations. This is ideal for users with multiple Smartphones who want to keep tabs on each other. There are some tracking apps that allow you to share your locations with other users in your network.

(b) Checking with your service provider to track family phones: This is ideal for parents who want to keep tabs on their children’s phones. You can also check with your provider to have a family plan, to enable tracking for the phones on that plan.

(c) Installing a third party tracking app on the phone you want to track: This method is vital because tracking without consent is illegal in most countries. You have to install the application on the phone you want to track or have the owner’s consent to track them. If you want to install a hidden tracking app on iPhone, the phone you want to track will need to be jailbroken.

These are GPS tracking apps that usually disguise themselves. Common apps include: GPS TRACKER (iOS) and GPS Tracking Pro (Android).Each phone that you want to track will need to have the application installed on the phone. There are various third-party programs that will allow you to track devices that have the programs installed.

Popular Ways For Tracking A Stolen Cell Phone

(a) Looking for mobile security: GPS enables you to locate your phone after every ten minutes. GPS can be started automatically in some phones. In other types of phones, it has to be installed in order to start locating the phone using the GPS and cell towers. You can download “find my phone” after losing your own phone. This app requires access to your Google account and the Android Website.

mspy_track_cellphone_gps(b) Kaspersky mobile security: This app has a unique feature of the Anti-Virus Lite with cloud storage security scanner that will safeguard your mobile device against viruses. This app also enables users to filter the unwanted calls and texts. This app also provides a robust anti- theft defense, allows you to block your SIM, helps you to wipe out or find the missing phone. It is therefore a popular app for tracing stolen mobile phone.

(c) Anti-theft alarm: This is a lovely app that alerts you when someone touches your phone. If someone tries to move your phone, an alarm will sound which will stop only after entering the pin. You just need to activate the alarm before leaving your phone on the table or anywhere else.

(d) Thief tracker: This is a very perfect app that can help you to catch a thief easily. The app is triggered after making any unsuccessful attempt to unlock your mobile phone. This app will then click the picture with the help of phone’s front camera and will send you an email without any knowledge of the user. It is therefore a very efficient app for tracing a stolen mobile phone.

(e) Mobile chase-location tracker: This app checks whether someone changes the SIM card and sends some SMS within five minutes from the new SIM to your number, which has been stored within the application itself. The SIM contains the GPS location data which can help to tell the current location code.

(f) IMEI number: You can use the IMEI number in your Smartphone to trace your lost or stolen phone. You just need to file a FIR to the police attached with a copy of your IMEI number. You should also give a copy to your service provider who will then track the phone based on its unique IMEI number.

Tracking | Monitoring a Cell Phone Using mSPY

Other than the methods mentioned above, there is also a way to track a phone which is known by very few and that is by using a monitoring application, This method can come very handy if you want to keep a track on your children and their habits. Frankly speaking, This is one of the easiest and the best method to track someone’s phone.

What you just need to do is install an application mSPY in the target phone and you are good to go. Once Installed in the target phone the mSPY app remotely transmits each and every data online to the users control panel, which you can view at realtime just by logging in to your mSPY account. As Simple as That!!

Apart from phone’s exact GPS coordinates, with mSPY you can also Track their calls, texts, whatsapp and even medias that are present in their phone. In short mSPY is the best way to track a Cell Phone.


In summary, learning how to track a cellphone is of paramount importance. Robust mobile phone tracking companies employ cutting edge technologies to locate a stolen or lost phone. These technologies are also ideal for tracking lost family members and friends. Law enforcement agencies also employ cellphone tracking technologies to locate suspected criminals.

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