How to Track a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

Mobile phones are found to be lost each and every day from all corners of the globe, and it is due to this case that one is required to understand how to track lost mobile phone. This is due to the fact of existence of a software from mSpy that is very capable of locating the lost devices.

How to track a lost phone is an ambiguous question when it comes to the software because it entails great features that can be used to not only locate the phone but also do some actions related to the mobile phone.

How to Track a Lost Mobile Phone


One great feature is that one can determine the GPS location of the mobile phone even if the GPS functionality has been switched off. Also, one can get access to history on where the phone has been before reaching the present point hence one can give the police this trail to follow. Also on how to track a lost phone; one can set a perimeter. This is a form of perimeter that can be set once the lost mobile has past the boundary; the owner can be notified, and he/she will take the duly action intended. This is very important when it comes to ensuring that the said device doesn’t get out of the premise without the owner’s permission.

The said information is presented in a comprehensive map that is provided by the software. The implementation of the said features can ensure one doesn’t have to know how to track lost mobile. This is because the said mobile phone will be greatly be protected from all kinds of evil.

There are some cases that the located phone may be far away from reach. This means the possessor may have access to sensitive information hence the software has the capability to ensure this is not the case. There is a feature where one can wipe out all the sensitive information that is present in the mobile phone or tablet. One seeking advice on how to track lost mobile should understand that this particular action is irreversible. Once the data has gone it cannot be retrieved once this particular action has been undertaken by the user.

If this particular action is very hasty then, one can choose to undertake locking of the mobile phone so as to ensure that no one uses or access the mobile phone. This locking system can be undertaken remotely hence standing out as the most ideal alternative solution when it comes to ensuring the mobile device is not usable at that particular point.

One can get more information when it comes on how to track a lost cellphone. This includes the battery charge remaining before the phone switches off. An internet connection that is being used by the phone together with the mobile operator. This is pretty much important when it comes to tracking the thief of the device.

How to Locate iPhone Without Find My iPhone

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Not only iPhone but all apple devices has a built in app called Find My iPhone which allows you to track an iPhone in case its lost but to be frank this app is good for nothing, I am saying this because it just does not work most of the times, So I came up with a question, is there any Find My iPhone alternative? 

mSPY, It is the best cellphone monitoring app I have ever seen in my life and the best part is that it is cheap as well as very efficient, with it installed in your jailbroken iPhone you can locate your iPhone 24×7. What you just need to do is install it in your phone and you can leave everything else on it. It not only tracks GPS location but also calls, texts, chats, videos and other pics clicked it even has a built in key logger function with which you can track the key strokes.

But, The biggest disadvantage of this app is that it needs to be installed in the phone. So if your phone is already lost without this app installed in it then I am afraid the only thing that can help you is Find my iPhone or any other installed phone tracker

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