How to Track an iPhone Without Them Knowing

There are many reasons nowadays for which somebody may need to monitor somebody’s iPhone activity. Think, for example, of parents wishing to ensure the online safety of their children, protecting them from bullying or online predators. Or in another instance, an employer may wish to ensure that his or her employees are using company time efficiently, and not spending inappropriate lengths of time dealing with affairs that are irrelevant to work.

mSPY – Best Way Track an Apple iPhone

Serving the purpose above, mSpy has been created. It is a simple monitoring app that runs on both IOS and Android, allowing users to monitor the activity of another device. The app has been designed to run smoothly in a very user-friendly manner, providing constant information regarding the monitored device.

The idea of the app is simple. A user must install mSpy onto the iPhone which is to be monitored first of all. This takes no more than ten minutes, and, once installed, the user will never again need direct physical access to it. The app runs discreetly and constantly in the background, without drawing any form of attention to itself, so the device user will not be aware that it is running or that it has been installed.

Data transmission is done whenever the device is connected to the internet. This could be via a 3G or 4G connection, or of course via wifi. It does not matter what carrier the device is using, or its location for that matter. Regardless of where you install the device, if it is being used abroad and has an internet connection, data will still be transmitted to your account.

Information is directly sent to your user account. You have a customized control panel under the account that you have set up, and you simply have to log in to access your control panel. The panel simply displays all of the information from your iPhone, in an organized and easy to view fashion.

Features of mSPY to Track an iPhone

mspy features

First of all, your control panel allows you to see all phone calls that have been made to or from the iPhone. This feature includes all of information associated with the call. You can see the duration of the conversation, its timestamp, and the specific telephone number to or from which the call was made. This can be useful for seeing who your children are speaking to, or your work team for that matter. If you wish, you can restrict certain numbers from calling the mobile. This is particularly useful, for example, if your child is a victim of bullying and you want to make sure certain people cannot get in touch with him or her, making call restricting is the perfect feature.

Just like with the phone calls, you also have direct access to all text messages. You can see all messages that have been received and sent, regardless of whether or not they have been deleted on the iPhone.

Many people use their smartphones for email correspondence, particularly when on the move. The app transmits all email data to your control panel, so you can read any emails that have been sent and received. This is particularly relevant in a work environment, ensuring that personal messages are not being sent during work hours.

• mSpy monitors all forms of internet activity on the iPhone. This means that you have direct access to all web pages that have been visited on the target device. For example, this is an ideal solution for keeping an eye on the web content that your children are accessing.

• As with the emails and text messages, your control panels also displays any instant messaging activity on the iPhone. This includes WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc. Employers like to ensure that time is not being wasted on social media platforms, and mSpy provides the perfect solution to monitor such counterproductive activity. Thanks to this monitoring of instant messaging, you can also see any multimedia files that have been sent to and from the device. This can include audio files, videos and photos.

• As well as seeing all activity that is taking place on the device, mSpy will also update you with its GPS location at all times. This is an excellent way to ensure that your employees are where they say they are (stuck in traffic, for example), or where your children are spending their time out of school hours. It, in fact, provides a better way of tracking your kids movements and activities so that you get to keep an eye on them easily.

• In conjunction with the GPS monitoring facility, mSpy’s “geo-fencing’ allows you to restrict the zones in which the device can be used. You can set an unlimited amount of restricted zones, and you will receive an email notification whenever the monitored device enters one of these areas. You will also receive statistical data with regard to how often such areas are visited, when they are entered or left, and have access to all of this information in a convenient map format.

• The app’s remote control feature is fantastic for preventing theft, among other uses. Once installed on the target iPhone, you can remotely erase all information included on it, and block it to prevent anybody else accessing this information.

• One of the best feature of mSPY that makes it standout from other tracking apps is that “It does not require the target iPhone to be jailbroken”, So you can easily install it in un-jailbreaked iPhone.


The control panel under your user account provides you with constant detailed reports, allowing you to remotely analyze the data in a logical and systematic format.

mSpy provides 24 hour support to its users, 7 days a week. You can be rest assured that, should you have any problem with the monitoring service, you can count on technicians to resolve your issues and ensure that your monitoring goes ahead unaffected.

This iPhone app provides a much-desired monitoring facility for other devices, and works in a silent, smooth and undetected way. Never again will parents need to worry about their children’s mobile activities, and employers will have greater control over the mobile actions of their employees, helping them to ensure that their company runs smoothly and that time is not being wasted.

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  1. I have a chromebook computer/ Acer C720. Yesterday, while I was working on my facebook account, a strange pop up come up. I believe it was an app mSpy that a tracker was trying to install on my computer. Effectively, I was right. What I did to uninstall it. I rebooted my computer to factory style.

    Do you think it is worth to do so?
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    Ernest J. Auguste

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