How to Track and Monitor your Son’s Skype Conversation

Technology today has introduced inexpensive ways of being connected. In the past, people got crazy with the SMS or Short Message Service. This was patronized tremendously because it is cheaper than making calls. Then Yahoo introduced the messenger where you can talk to the contacted person face to face in real time. Many texters turned to this as it is free of charge but you need to have an internet connection and a computer. More and more technologies were discovered until Skype became the biggest rival of Yahoo messenger.

The unceasing technological innovations have developed VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol means of communication. Much like Yahoo Messenger, Skype was launched in 2003.

What is Skype?


This is a VoIP service, developed and owned by Microsoft. It has become very popular because of the ease in using it especially for those who had been familiar with Yahoo Messenger. The name of the service was derived from the coined words “sky” and “peer”. And downloading of the app is free of charge. The use is as well free.

Skype enables you to call, send messages and share photos. It is better than phone calls as you can see the person you are talking to – face to face in real time. It has a feature much like instant messenger where when logged in, you type and send a message. Whether the other party is online or not, the message goes through the VoIP. You can use it limitless and you are even allowed conference calls where different people from all over the globe can have group conversation simultaneously.

Reasons to Track your Son’s Skype

The revolution in cell phone technology, free WiFi in different commercial places, the unlimited data plans in cell phone subscriptions all paved way to more people using Skype – and your son became an avid user. You could no longer contain your son and you find him always logged in, chatting with his friends almost endlessly.

The main reason why your son uses this VoIP service is due to its free usage. No matter how many times and for how long he is tuned into this, he pays nothing. And interestingly, he comes face to face with his buddy or — girlfriend? It is very easy to use, as long as he has WiFi connection. He was able to acquire the application free of cost, just downloaded it and began to enjoy the features.

How to Monitor Skype Conversation


As a very concerned parent you want to know what transpire in those moments that your son is connected with his friends via this free chat technology. It is time for you to assume the role of Sherlock Holmes and investigate the contents of the Skype chats. For a minimal cost, your detective duties will be fruitful – get mSpy, a software program that allows you to get hold of the different cell phone activities of your son (or even of your other children as well as your spouse).

With your son’s iPhone or iPad in your hands you can install the tracking software, mSpy. It takes only a few seconds to complete the installation. Your son will not even have an inkling that you are already spying on him through the app. There will be no traces of the installed spying software.

How does mSpy work? In the Control Panel of your computer, you will be able to read all the chat messages and calls made through the iPhone or iPad of your son. The names of the persons in the chat – calls and messages are recorded. Their Skype IDs and the text of the messages and calls are recorded for your investigation or perusal. You can view all of these anytime – 24/7. So when you come home from work in the evening, check your son’s communication record discretely via the mSpy program. Isn’t that fantastic?

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