How to Use Reverse Search to Lookup Phone Number

Is someone troubling you with strange new phone numbers? Are you receiving texts from unknown numbers? I am sure you have been a victim once or twice before. However, that should never worry you anymore. With the reverse phone lookup, you can know the owners of those strange numbers. Perhaps you missed a call and you want to know who was calling before you call them back. You have that one too. Let’s have a look at the benefits of lookup phone number, cons and the sites that are provide this service;

reverse phone lookup

Benefits and Disadvantage of reverse phone lookup

  • Lookup phone number can be used when looking for long time friends. Perhaps you lost the contacts of a close friend and you are not able to reach them. Will you leave them go? No. you can search them by name or address and you will get in touch with them.
  • Knowing unknown callers who disturb you continuously. This is a common habit that is on a rising trend. If someone keeps on sending you malicious texts or calling you without delivering a message, you can take the advantage of this service to know who they are.
  • The service helps to find the most accurate information for businesses that handle high end clientele. This will save money and time because if a business opts to use other search engines like Google, they may not get the exact information that they are looking for because they display multiple results. You may also land on the long person if you go for other search engines.

Disadvantages of Reverse Phone Lookup

The main disadvantage of this service is that it has jeopardized people’s privacy. It is disturbing that anyone who has your phone number is able to access your personal information without your knowledge.

Secondly, some servers may lie to you that they will provide accurate information to you if you pay for the service. They eventually turn out to be fraudsters since your search will only display nothing but blank windows.

Best Sites for Reverse Phone Lookup

With the increasing number of users craving for this service around the world, many websites are competing for customers. I have combined a list of top four sites that you can invest your trust in; 

This is one of the popular websites in the world with more than 200 million numbers in their directory. In the site, you can search a phone number by name or by address. It has been reviewed decently by customers hence can be trusted.

Phone Detective 

This is one of the most accurate services in the industry today which has a large database that is updated regularly. Customers who have used it have given positive “testimonies” about it. It can be trusted.

People By Name 

This service allows you to search phone numbers, addresses, names and email addresses. They give fast and accurate results. The only disadvantage of this service provider is that they have a relatively small database and cases of blank results are common. combines both business and residential listings. You can get access to landline numbers and cell phone numbers with this service. It has a large database with many numbers in their directory and cases of empty searches are minimal. It has also been given a satisfactory rating.

How to Use Reverse Search to Lookup Phone Number

You can use any reverse phone lookup service to search for the owner of that particular phone number using these services are very easy. To give you a tutorial I am going to take an example of phone detective, Here what you need to do is.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the phone number you want search for in the search field
  3. Click Search, Now the system will look for the match in the directory
  4. Phone Detective will show you the result for the number you provided.
  5. If you want depth information, You have to pay certain sum.

Thats It! this was all you need to lookup owner for that phone number, Phone Detective is really one of the best reverse phone lookup service that you should try if you are from US.

Frequently asked questions on Lookup Phone Number

Q. Which is the best reverse phone lookup service?

There are many phone lookup services in the market. The choice lies in your hands. However, you should go for one which has a good reputation and a decent customer review. Reading customer reviews will guarantee you best results.

Q. Is the owner of the phone numbers notified when I am searching for their information?

No. the search is kept confidential and no one will have a clue that you are searching for them. You are the only one who knows it.


New numbers should never trouble you again. Taking the advantage of lookup phone number will see your days turning brighter. However, there have been critics about this unique tool but its benefits have silenced those critics. The service is registering new users every day and the trend does not show any signs of slowing down. Are these the last days of the tool or it will continue spreading its branches? The world needs to stay calm and watch!

Reverse Phone Lookup in USA :-

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