iPhone Spy Without Jailbreak With mSpy Software

Have you ever thought of increasing the safety of your children and productivity of your workers? If yes, then it is time to learn about iPhone Spy. Very few of us know that iPhone can be spied on and that too without jailbreaking it and you will have your dreams turned into realities. The mSpy application has garnered the favor of many android and iPhone users around the globe. You can monitor web history, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, email among many others without jailbreak. Are these the last days of the application or it will continue spreading its roots to all users in the world? Time will tell. Let’s have a look at the features, benefits and the harm it can do to you and others;

How Can mSpy Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak


The app works with iCloud and hence accessing backed up to the iCloud account. The iDevice user needs to turn on both the iCloud storage and the backup options in the iDevice. You will also be required to sync the device to the Apple ID account. You can now monitor the information of the targeted device from any Smartphone, tablet or computer which has the application installed. It is compatible with all iPhones, iPads and iPods with iOS 5.x and higher.

Features of mSPY Software for Non-Jailbroken iPhone

Tracking web history – This feature allows you to monitor the kind of information that the users of the monitored device are browsing. You can analyze the browsing information directly from your control panel.

Track SMS messages – The mSpy application will enable you to monitor the messaging activity of the devices that you are targeting; both sent and received messages. The most amazing thing about this feature is its ability to show you the time that the message was sent/received even if the targeted user deleted it.

  • WhatsApp messages can also be monitored.

Password Grabber – mSPY has a built in functionality of keylogger which can work like a password grabber. Whatever the person types on the phone will be logged by this app which also includes their password and you can view it remotely from your computer

Snapchat – With the app, you can control the activities of snapchat; videos, drawings and photos. You can view the data being exchanged in the control panel even if the user of the monitored device deleted the media within one minute.

GPS Tracking – The app enables you to locate the location of your children or wife/ husband. Teenagers develop undesirable behavior and they start moving out at night to get what they call “pleasures”. With the app, you can sees where they are and predict what they may be doing.

Other features of this iPhone spy app include; monitoring call logs and tracking email addresses. and once again there is no need of jailbreaking the target iPhone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Spy App

spy on cell phone

• Knowing what your employees and family members are texting can make you alert of any impending trouble. Employees can sell the company’s secrets to competitors. Your wife may be dating another man. To prevent this mess, the app allows you to prevent these embarrassing scenarios before they cause real trouble.

• The app allows you to track the current location of your kids and this can increase their safety.

• You can monitor whether your children are exchanging undesirable videos that can lead them to the wrong direction of life. You can also monitor the type if snapshot media that your employees are exchanging.

• The application works without jailbreak. Initially, parents had found hard times to monitor their children using their iPhones because of the jailbreak barrier. mSpy has provided a breakthrough.


It has compromised the privacy of many people around the globe. This is because not all people use the app for the legal purpose. Cybercriminals may also come in. in the recent days we have seen celebrities complaining about their private photos being leaked from their iCloud accounts. These can be embarrassing especially if nude pictures are exposed.

Keep calm and monitor that iPhone

It is time to stop checking in to see whether your young John is in his house at night. You can monitor his location from the comfort of your bed. You can monitor the activities of your workers. In short, it is an amazing application that you should not miss in your iPhone. Buy it today and see what you will get. Don’t ignore! Download mSPY

Important:-  The application should be used for legal purposes only. Otherwise you can be sued in a court of law. Will you monitor the device of anybody? No. the law needs you to notify those users whose devices are being monitored. Failure to do so will lead to severe penalties imposed on you.

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