Is There an App to Track A Cell Phone

Unfortunately, day to day life cannot be tracked as Big Brother’s House where numerous cameras, lights and microphones capture every move! But thanks to the advancement in global positioning system and monitoring software which help you to track all activities via electronic gadgets. Worried parents and secret agents often have one question in common – is there an app to track a cell phone? Yes, there are numerous app available in the market in the recent era, especially to track someone else’s phone.

Certainly you are one of them who is looking for software that really works, otherwise you wouldn’t have landed here. Probably you have tried installing apps before but they failed to work. Or, most likely you are a newbie in this periphery and want some trusted and genuine information on mobile tracker. This write up is all packed up with essential info to be your savior.

Apps for Tracking Teenager Kids

Apparently, as parents you may feel weird and feel like a mean-minded person who is poking into your son’s or daughter’s personal space. But, this isn’t the case. Consider yourself as concerned parents. If you keep a track of news that doles out stories of how social media and smart phones are bringing troubles for teens, you should definitely install an app to keep an eye on them.


How about making smart phone the greatest weapon for your children’s online as well as physical safety? If you are from the school of Trust – But- Verify, then there is always a “yes” to your question i.e. is there an app to track a cell phone. Count on selective apps and services that are verified. From app blockers to location sharing tools; geo-fencing softwares; social media controllers and web content filters, there are reliable apps to protect your beloved sons and daughters.

List of apps for tracking your children’s phone

Life 360

It is a great free tool for Android and iOS phones. Concerned parents who want to know their son’s or daughter’s location, this app is their cup of tea. But it does not monitor SMSs and social media activities. What more do you expect from a free app?


This is one heck of an app whose all-in-one features are trusted by millions of satisfied users. You can get more than 25 features along with 24/7 customer support. The key features include snapchat, key logger, access to web history, whatsapp monitoring, SMS monitoring, GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing, Skype monitoring, view call log, reading emails, access to address book and more. Although a bit expensive, but for users who are seeking best quality and uncountable range of features, this will surely be a choice worth making.

MM Guardian

MMGuardian is parental control software that locate child’s phone, track text activity and through this app you can set several restrictions. Free level doesn’t have too many features, but you can get benefitted by enhanced features such as mobile locking, call blocking and safe drive control with monthly subscription packages.

Apps For Tracking Employees

Effective employee management is always a challenge for employers, especially mid- sized or small businesses which offer in-home services or field work. Mobile tracking services offer employers host of features to track and check the status of employees when they are out in the field or on their way to deliver. Even small stores can incorporate complex software with their existing technology and systems. However, you have to master the creepy art of finessing mobile privacy of your employees or workers.

You can count on effective 3rd party mobile management apps which work on wide range of operating systems.

List of app for tracking your employee’s phone

TeleNav Track

It is a location based tracker that runs on smart phones of your staffs and it can be administered by the supervisor from a browser- based web device. Beside other features such as fleet logistics and time tracking, TeleNav Track will also locate where your staff is at present, where he was and where he is going next.


This app will cater to all your employee monitoring needs. Once the software is installed, you can fetch its multiple benefits like spy on call, SMS and multimedia files; GPS location tracker; spy on emails; monitor web history; control apps etc.


If you seek one solid answer to your question – is there an app to track a cell phone, mSpy would be a recommendation. This single app has multiple features to provide several purposes. Whether you want to keep an eye on your teens or track your employees, this all-in-one software serves better than the rest.

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