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Many spy apps are available for your Android smartphone. Whether you want to send a secret message, take secret pictures, or locate someone by using their phone as a location device, here you will find a list of the best spy apps for Android devices.

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First we’ll start with tracking apps. These apps need to be installed on the cellphone you want to track. Some of their legitimate uses are for parents who want to keep track of the whereabouts of their kids, or have some protection in case of abduction. Employers also use these apps to keep track of a workers location. However, people have been known to secretly install tracking apps to keep track of someone without their permission.

Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Android Download

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Trick or Tracker is designed for parents who want to monitor their kids’ location. It can keep track of up to seven people at one time. It can send a message showing a person’s location every 15 minutes. It can send you an alert when the target leaves a certain area or reaches a certain destination. This is normally priced at $4.99.

mSPY OK, now we are getting seriously cloak and dagger. mSPY is the big gun for true, real-time monitoring of a target’s activities, and not just their location. From $33.99 a month, you can spy on your target’s call history, text messages, social networking activity, Internet browsing history, and access photos, videos and cell phone contacts on their phone. It is designed for both families and employers. Using combined map and GPS, it allows you to locate a person to an accuracy of 10 meters and lets you look up a persons movements over a period of time.

A list of the best spy apps for Android would be incomplete without a selection of spy cameras. Part of the essential kit of any aspiring espionage agent, these apps will let you make secret surveillance videos, or take pictures of people without them knowing.

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SECuRET SpyCam is a motion-triggered spy camera that will let you auto-capture video or still photos whenever somebody enters its field of vision. Using this app, you can hide your phone in such a way that it covers the area you want monitored, and it will operate silently to monitor any activity. The apps’ website claims that it has helped catch several criminals including car thieves. Price $5.00

Secret Camera lets you take pictures secretly with the phone screen off, using the volume buttons on the side of your phone. The auto-click feature takes pictures at set intervals without needing to click, so you can just hold you phone casually, and no one will suspect that they are being photographed. Secret Camera is available free in the basic version.

Mobile Hidden Camera This camera disguises itself on your phone screen as ‘simple notepad’. It has a good array of options in the settings panel that allows you to set up defaults such as silent shooting, using volume buttons to shoot, and allowing you to play music while using the app, to disguise your real activity. The basic version is feature-filled and free.

Our list of best spy apps for Android also includes other useful tools for spying activities and keeping secrets such as.

Android Apps for Privacy and Keeping Secret


Ear Spy gives you super hearing ability by turning your phone into a high-powered listening device. While appearing to be listening to music, you can actually eavesdrop on conversations. It comes with a built-in equalizer so you can fine tune the signal. Using blue tooth headphones allows you to leave your phone in a different room and listen from a nearby location that is in range. The basic version is free, and you can upgrade to add features such as MP3 recording and ad removal.

Secret Calls lets you hide incoming, outgoing, and missed calls from private contacts. It deletes these call records from your call log. The app doesn’t show an icon, so nobody will know it exists. To start the app you just enter the phone number 1234, then enter the default pin 0000, then enter the number of the phone you want to have as a secret contact.

Fake Call can get you out of a tricky or awkward situation. You can use this app to set up an alibi for getting out of a meeting, or to help you maintain a disguise. You can set up a fake contact and pre-record a conversation. The call can be preset to occur at a particular time, or it can be manually activated at the precise moment you need that urgent call to come in. The preset can be activated by turning on the phone or just shaking it.

Automatic Call Recorder when installed on a target’s phone, will record phone calls and upload them to a dropbox account so you can listen to it. You can choose to record all calls or just those from certain contacts.

Secrets is an app that lets you hide and access files without showing an icon on the desktop. File types supported include document files, photos, video, and sound files. To access the app just call 1111 and enter the default pin 0000. This is a must have app that can be used to secure the photo and sound files created by the other spy apps included in our list of best spy apps for android.

As you can see on our list of best spy apps for Android, there are many useful apps available for the surveillance, monitoring, and investigation of other people’s activities. Many of the apps have a wide range of use outside of simple spying. They can help keep children safe, prevent theft, and even help you get out of a boring meeting.

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