Mobile Number Locator Software – Find a Lost Phone

One’s smartphone may be lost or stolen and he/she may be in need of something that will assure him/her of safety on the information stored in the device. It is due to this case that the mSpy mobile locator is featured with remote control option for its users. This particular feature will protect one against information theft that has been found to be on the rise.

A mobile locator software refers to a software that precisely traces the location of a particular handset and the details with utmost precision. An inbuilt global positioning software facilitates this. This GPS software communicates by sending signals to satellites thereby providing the physical address of the user. Many software developers have facilitated this by developing both free and pay software to help you track a particular number.

The benefits of using a phone location software are phenomenal. Besides being a spying tool, this software can give you lasting peace of mind in the event that the whereabouts of your loved are unknown. In a business perspective, this software enables a business keep track of the dealings of their employees. This makes supervision easy and gives you an assurance that your employees are doing exactly what they are paid for. This development is indeed what any android and iPhone user should have on their phone.

Mobile Locator Software Download

With a cell phone location software like mSPY, you not only enjoy mobile location abilities but a range of services as well. For instance, you can have a detailed record of the calls made, text messages sent. What else can you demand from a location tracking software? The SPY application is indeed the summit of phone location detection and spying software developments.

It is through these feature that is supported by the mobile locator that one can erase all the data in the phone. Things that one can do through this feature includes device wipeout, device locking and many more.

Device wipeout with mSpy mobile locator

Once one has discovered that his/her phone has been lost or stolen; one can make use of the mobile locator to wipe out data present in the device. This is easily done from the control panel, and the command is irreversible. There is no recycle bin once the wipeout action has been taken. Once the data is gone, it’s gone.

The holder of the lost or stolen phone cannot run a successful recovery of the wiped out data. Hence, it is a form of certainty that no data has landed into the wrong hands.

Locking of the device

This is an alternative solution when it comes to device wipeout by the mobile locator. Instead of erasing data; from the control panel one can lock and unlock the device. This will make the device inaccessible till it is found or recovered.

If no password was put in terms of locking and unlocking the device, one can put one at this particular moment. The application can stipulate the current position of the phone even if the GPS functionality has been switched off. This makes it very easy to retrieve the phone hence instead of losing the phone together with important information it is best to lock the device.

More on remote control from mSpy

Other than device wipeout and locking; one can access information such as the battery state, the name of the mobile operator together with internet connection type. This information is very important when it comes to understanding charges that are charged by the service provider.

The availability of the control panel that is very easy to use make the above functionalities be a walk in the park. It is a platform where one can have access to everything and do all the controlling from there. Other than remote control, the platform offers a solution for views related to the dashboard, activity, tracking and search options. Data collected from the control panel can be exported into formats more than one.

The reports can be saved in terms of XLS, PDF together with the CSV. Help pages are available for the mobile locator and are located as part of the control panel options. The control panel can be accessed through the phone, personal computer or tablet as long as there is an internet connection on the said device.

Having a mobile locator software on your phone is very necessary because you will easily avoid cases where you will end up losing your phone easily. Remember there are cases where you may end up misplacing your phone but with the software you will easily trace it.


  1. Sandeep Shinde says:

    Hey nice software. Recently I lost my mobile so I had to erase the data remotely as there was no password for my mobile. Thanks for providing information about this software. All the features are cool but What I liked about this software is that the mobile can be traced even if the gps if off because most of the time I keep it off.

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