mSPY Review – The Best Phone Tracker App to Download

mSpy is one of the most unique software of its kind around the world; the application comes in handy in monitoring and for purposes of security surveillance. The application is mostly used in mobile devices mainly smart phones, mobile phones, tablets, and other related devices. It provides real times efficiency and authenticity once installed in a gadget. The software is highly discreet and effective; it tracks all activities within the background of the device of which it’s installed.

mSPY Features : What Makes it Useful?

Besides any other salient feature which this application comes with, the user friendly is topping the list. Any application of this nature can only be effective when it’s easy to install and manage; mspy fits the bill since its very user friendly and easy to learn. This is evident from the easy to understand installation instructions it comes with, the application works in real time to detect exactly what is transpiring in the background. There are a number of important features which will make you like this software, the unique reasons and features are discussed below;

Monitoring and safety:

mspy review

a) The application comes in handy for monitoring say your teenage children, once it’s installed on their mobile phones you can easily monitor all their activities with ease. This will give you peace of mind since you are not going to bother running around with them everywhere.

b) It is useful in tracking what the employees are doing at work place, the application work very efficiently on major devices which can also be installed to other surveillance to enhance such purposes.

c) It comes in handy as a means to monitor even what is going on around the devices where it’s installed, this eventually monitors security situations in real time. Any danger or theft arising can be curbed in a timely manner before it’s too late.

d) It’s also used to monitor theft within a building or by the owner of the device where it’s installed, the seamless snapshots and tracking system comes in handy to carry out such a functionality.

Phone Tracker: Calls management

call spy

a) The application make it very easy to manage both incoming calls and outgoing calls on the device being tracked, it make it easy to actually control the calling activities as you suppose just by using your control panel.

b) You can easily control all incoming calls to the device, this is unique since you are able to see all calls and their origins.

c) It makes it possible to restrict both outgoing calls and incoming calls, it enable the user to block the incoming calls which are suspect and to restrict the calling of unwanted numbers.

Text messages tracking:

track sms

a) The application has the ability to track all text messages, all incoming text messages and outgoing text messages are tracked in real time.

b) This makes it ideal to learn about the texts your children or even employees are exchanging with other people, if the text messages are destructive a timely intervention if possible.

c) It has the capacity to show all details of the text messages, the message origin, the-frequency and the times at which the texts are sent or received.

d) This makes it easier to monitor safety and security of your children and the people whose phones are installed; you are able to track down on bad texts messages from both sources.

Track Emails and Manage Them:

track emails

a) This is very necessary when it comes to monitoring the your employees emails, employees could be chatting with your competitors or planning something sinister.

b) All devices which are android, iOS and Gmail can be monitored accordingly; it shows all email historical records in a timely fashion.

c) It helps you to know exactly what your children are doing may be with wrong people, you will also monitor and know what your employees might be doing or planning behind your back.

d) The email management feature makes it possible to intervene in time in case of anything sinister or suspicious.

Location tracking:

mobile spy

a) This is an amazing feature in mspy software, the user is able to track in real time where the monitored device user is at all times.

b) You are able to monitor at any time where your child or employee is, it has special tracking system to do this function with utmost accuracy to prompt action or intervention.

c) It uses special mapping system to do this function; the detailed information provided by the map makes it possible to monitor this effectively.

d) The application can show all the historical facts about the movements of the device holder, be it your children or employee who are lying about where they are can be tracked.

Internet monitoring:

track internet

a) This is another amazing feature which will make you admire the software, you can easily view all log INS and websites accessed by the users of monitored devices.

b) It provides details about the times when different websites are accessed; all the time-stamps are recorded for convenience.

c) All data and the number of clicks can be analyzed in a timely fashion; this is done directly from the user’s control panel.

d) This makes it possible to check on your children and employees; you can see all what your children are watching online and what your employees do at work.

Track Calendar details:

track calendar

a) Myspy application has the capability through its unique features to check calendar activities of the monitored device; this is another breakthrough feature in this application.

b) You can monitor all activities and plans including the specific dates, this makes it possible to fully monitor your child’s activities in a timely fashion and manner.

c) All activities are easily monitored through a non-jail-broken system iOS gadgets, you can check all the schedules whether meetings or different activities.

d) You are able to access from your personalized control system all the activities and schedules of the monitored gadget. This makes it easier to know exactly the schedules of your children and or employees.

WhatsApp | Facebook | Other IM Tracker:

track whatsapp

a) Another unique feature which is regarded very essential is the capability to show the live messages or chatting done on the monitored device. Through your personalized panel you can see instantly when a chat is going on and all its details.

b) It’s able to get all instants chats from Skype and even view all documents and files exchanged, if there is a photo or webcam inn the chat, you will see all details.

c) You can read all the contents of the chat as it is written and listen to all voice calls if available, this make monitoring very effective and an appropriate action is possible in case of bad chats or calls.

d) Other applications which are also accessed from your control panel includes; the WhatsApp where all activities and chats can be monitored instantly in real time, Social medias like Facebook and others can also be accessed and monitored directly, all i messages emanating from all smart phones and iPads are also monitored the same way.

e) The mSpy application can also monitor all what is going on in the latest application known as Snap-chat.

f) Snap-chat is the latest and complicated kind of application which can be used to chat, draw pictures, load videos, and submit files and all such stuff.

g) You are able to track down all the history of what is going on in the application and even delete or stop it if negative, all such features make tracking both interesting and fun for users.

Keylogger for Tracking Key Strokes:


a) Mspy software make is possible to see and analyze all texts which come to the tablet or smart phone which is being monitored.

b) This is a more technical sense as it makes it possible to collect all loggers, messages, searches, and even search-phrases from the monitored device.

c) This can enable you to protect your children and employees by inhibiting all destructive bases; you can get more advanced features in this line.

Track and Monitor Pics and Videos:

multimedia tracker

a) The software has advanced feature making it possible to view all the multimedia files in real time, all photos and videos taken using the device in question is clearly viewed by you from your private control panel.

b) It shows all photos which your children or confidential photos your employee might be relaying to your competitors.

c) It makes it possible to monitor all photos and videos taken by the device; this makes it possible to know exactly which photos are taken and what time.

d) All videos and their links which are being downloaded can be monitored by you, in some case the users of monitored devices tend to discard the videos and or photos they have taken. But all records can still accessed from the control panel.

e) This makes it possible to view all pictures your children could be playing around with; you are also able to know whether your employees are relaying important videos or photos to suspected destinations.

Control Applications and Program Remotely:

remote control phone

a) mSpy software will give you a cutting edge inn knowing which applications your child or employee has installed on their devices, you are able to monitor and see the kind of application which has been installed at any given time.

b) Some of these applications are not safe for your children and or employees, many applications which are installed also have dangerous viruses which destroy the device.

c) You can view all new applications and their sources in a record time, whether the application is for social media, games, and android or related ones.

d) By controlling the applications being installed in the monitored devices, this makes it possible to take safety precautions necessary to protect your children, employees and the device itself.

Blocking of bad applications:

a) Not all applications whether for games, social media or technology are safe for your children, employees or the devices, you can easily delete and block the bad applications from your control panel.

b) This comes in time to protect your loved ones who are using the devices, bad applications are known to interfere with devices too, by blocking and erasing such application you are also protecting the devices in question.

c) Some applications could be detrimental to your company’s cyber security or a threat to the well being of your children, blocking them goes a long way to protect in both cases.

Remote wipe-out | Erase Data;

a) The application allows you to activate from your control panel the wipe-out functionality from the device.

b) This capability can make it possible to clear all your devices data in case of it being stolen.

c) The wipe-out functionality from your control panel is possible, though when using it you should take caution since once it’s done you can’t reverse it.

d) Wipe-out comes in handy to control and protect important data which is stored in the device, this is important in protecting the data said data in case of theft.

Remote device locking:

a) You can easily lock the monitored device remotely in case it’s stolen, this is ideal in order to track and recover it in real time.

b) Remote locking capability can make it possible for a direct control on the monitored device, you lock and unlock the device to exercise control over it.

c) The function comes in handy as an alternative to wipe-out in a temporary manner.

Remotely access additional information:

a) Mspy application also allows you to check all other additional details and information from the monitored device in real time.

b) Other additional information likes;

  • The battery charging and life can be viewed.
  • To find out the mobile operator company for the gadget.
  • To know the type of internet connectivity whether a WI-Fee or cellular.

Remotely track all activities:

a) You can control all the activities which take place in a monitored device just through your private control panel, mspy’s personalized control panel is like a command center you are using for everything in order to monitor the device.

b) You are able to access many functions remotely and customize many things therein, the following can be performed in real time;

  • Searching options.
  • Personalized activities viewing.
  • Dashboard viewing
  • Help-page options and more.
  • The control panel allows you to add or eliminate devices for monitoring purposes; you can also export important data to CSV or Pd Files.

Other features which make this software very important include; the comprehensive report capability which allows you seeing all reports in any device you are monitoring. You also get a dedicated customer service which comes with the application from its owner 24/7. All which comes with the purchase of mspy software can be summarized as; superb and it’s worth buying to enjoy such unique tracking and monitoring capability.

Does mSPY Really Work?


So this is where the real test begins, You have seen almost all its features and might be convinced to use it but what is the use of buying this terrifying app if it does not quite does it work. So let me be frank here. Believe me, this thing works.. not only works but works better than advertised. All you need to do is install that small sized application in the target phone and Bang!!! You are good to go. the app itself will do the rest for you. I have personally used this app and it works perfectly. All it need is a compatible device and most importantly an Internet connection in the device. Rest, be assured that you can track the hell out of the target person.

So, How to Download and Use mSPY?

First of all you need to make sure that mSPY is compatible with your Device, So here is the mSPY Compatible Device

  • mSPY Download for Android
  • mSPY Download for 32bit (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5)
  • mSPY Download for 64bit (iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus)
  • mSPY Download for iPod, iPad
  • mSpy Download for Windows Phone

mSPY has been recently update with the support for NON-Jailbroken iOS Device, Yes that means there is no need to jailbreak your iPhone to use mSPY.

Now if your device fall in the above list then just Follow the Link to, then Buy and download the Application itself. Now you just need to do is install this app in the target phone and remotely monitor it through your personal mSPY Control Panel.

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