Mobile Spy Software – Does this App Exist?

Mobile spy is the wave of the future in all your tracking and monitoring needs. How many times have you wished for such an application for your computers, mobile or smart phones, and tablets? The fact that it has so many useful features and can be applied in a great variety of ways makes this a must-purchase for you in your personal or business use. This application pays for itself over time by preventing theft, by increasing or maintaining productivity in the workplace, or by giving you peace of mind, which is a priceless commodity. Here are some of the best features this app can offer you or your business, in no particular order:

mSPY – The Best Mobile Spy Monitoring App

The mobile spy application, once installed monitors everything. From call logs and history, the GPS location of the device, text messages sent and received, the browsing and web history, and e-mails. It is a complete package and you will not need any other software or application once you buy it. The application is designed to be intuitive and very easy to use and once you create your online account you can start monitoring and viewing tracked data right away.

SMS Tracker

How great would it be if you can control all aspects of the computer, the smart phone or the tablet as if the device were in the palm of your hand? Applications for mobile phones and tablets are much like software for the computer, and mobile spy are proud to say that you can manage this as well. View all apps and programs at any given time, and block the ones that you deem unimportant or dangerous for your family or business. What would you say if this can also apply to the multimedia files like pictures and videos as well? All of this, recorded in your personal control panel through your mSpy account.

Using this app is also an ease, What you just need to do is Install it in the target phone (All major smartphone OS supported), and you are good to go. the app itself will do the rest for you. It will transmit all the data to your personal cPanel at Realtime. Just set it and forget it. 

Manage SMS | Calls and Call Records

Managing calls have never been easier or more comprehensive. Mobile spy can see all the incoming and outgoing call logs details made in a particular device- the time it was made, the mobile number and you will not need to jailbreak your iOS device for it to work. Best of all, with this feature you can block incoming calls from any unwanted number and you can add or manage these restricted numbers from your online control panel.

call spy

Managing call records and call restrictions may sometimes not be enough, and that is where monitoring text messages come in. The mobile spy application allows you to access all text and multimedia messages from the target phone- even when the message itself is deleted from the device.

Track and Monitor Emails Remotely

E-mails are an essential tool, whether for personal or business use. A lot of information can be passed on in this medium, and you will certainly be sure to cover all of them. You can see if employees are not being productive and use precious company resources by sending and receiving personal e-mails. If you are wondering if this feature only applies to the PC, then the answer is no. It can also monitor e-mail from Gmail for Android, and Mail App for the iOS.

Track Your Mobile Phone GPS Location

Monitoring is not just restricted to one place or location these days. Mobile spy also covers the GPS aspect of the tracking for you. GPS is an essential feature because of its usefulness- as long as the target has the mobile device or tablet, all the places they have been and are going to is made known to you. You can also check the route history over a specific period. Peace of mind is guaranteed knowing that you can drive or make your way over to your loved one’s rescue in emergency situations.

mobile spy


A customized Geo-Fencing feature is also available. With Geo-fencing, you can set an alert whenever a tracked device goes out of the safe zone set by you. This shines in situations involving your young children or toddlers where each second out of the safe zone may mean between safety and danger. It also can be applied in business situations where confidential business data stored on mobile devices are guaranteed to stay on-site and are safe from competitors or rogue employees.

Mobile Spy App let you stay away from Dark Web

If the favorite pastime nowadays would be people surfing the web on computers, smart phones and tablets, then it would make sense to fully cover that aspect with the mobile spy application. The internet can be a very dangerous place for the unaware or first-time user, and viruses, malware and worms may enter your computer or device, wreaking untold havoc. Precious data can be stolen, personal and private files can be accessed and downloaded to an unwanted person. Extra costs for repair and check-ups may be incurred if the computer is broken by the resulting attack from cyberspace. Block these malicious sites at their source with mobile spy, letting you control what online content your loved ones see when they browse the internet. Make sure that your employees only check the web for business-related information and not slack off on the job. The application also allows you to view the browsing history and the bookmarks added on the browser.

Track the Instant Messengers

Calls, text and e-mail are not the only means to communicate in this technologically-advanced society. The advent of Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and other popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now allow users to send and receive messages, receive incoming and make outgoing video calls with their friends and acquaintances. Make sure you are not left out in the dark and keep track of the messages in this mobile spy application. Like the text messaging feature, you can read and track the calls made and the device does not have to be jailbroken in order for it to work.

Some other handy features of mSPY

Keyloggers are also available to view the keystrokes being done on the devices where the mobile spy is installed. If all else fails and the device gets stolen or lost and cannot be physically retrieved anymore, you will be happy to know about the next feature.


Remote Control feature, This feature will either lock your device on your command or perform a device wipeout, completely eradicating the stored data. While the device is lost, you may also see additional information such as the device’s mobile service operator and the battery charge percentage. Mobile spy has truly revolutionized technology for you to utilize and benefit from its maximum efficiency and advantages.

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