Phone Detective Review – Does It Really Work?

There are a number of reasons as to why you may wish to carry out a reverse number search. Some people may do it to identify a number on their phone bill, others may use a service like this to track down who is making harassing calls to their phone, others may verify an address, and others may even try to locate old friends using their phone number. It does not matter the reason so much. I truly believe that Phone Detective may help you out. I’ll explain why soon.

For the uninitiated, Phone Detective is a reverse lookup service. This means you type the phone number into the search system. It will search the database, which includes both listed and unlisted numbers, one of only a few services to do so, and feed you results. These results will show the name and state of a person. If you wish you can purchase further information which will give you the following:

  • The full name of the person that owns the phone.
  • The address of the person that owns the phone PLUS any previous addresses where the phone was registered.
  • The phone carrier or company that the person uses.
  • Whether the number is a land or mobile number.
  • The location in which the phone was issued.

On top of this you will also be able to search for other information through the database, this includes people searches and you will even be able to look forward to a rather good discount on carrying out a criminal background check (if that is a service that you ever need)

In short; you are going to get a lot of information for your money here. I have compared Phone Detective to other similar services on the market and it seemed as though Phone Detective was the only one to deliver me top quality results consistently. None of the information that I received was inaccurate, and that is always a plus. This is exactly what you want when you are carrying out a reverse phone number lookup in a database of this type.

reverse phone detective reviewThe only real downside to Phone Detective is the fact that you can only use it for U.S. numbers. To be hones though, I do not see this as much of a problem. After all, the vast majority of calls that you will receive will come from within the United States and thus you will not need to use a more extensive service (they exist, but they are remarkably expensive for what you are going to get so there is no point signing up to them)

As I mentioned previously, Phone Detective is one of the only services out there which will allow you to carry out a reverse number lookup for unlisted telephone numbers (i.e. ones which can’t be found in the local phone directory). This is going to be a positive for many situations. After all, if somebody is giving you harassing calls then it is likely they will want their number listed anywhere. On top of this you will be able to search both landline and cell phone numbers. This is again one of only a few services out there which allow you to do this. The vast majority of other services out there will enable you to search for one or the other, and if you have to subscribe to multiple services then that is obviously going to get expensive.

Now, I am not going to lie to you here, there will be times where not every number that you want appears in the database. This is fine though. The customer support that Phone Detective offer is second to none. If you can’t find a listing for the number that you want then their dedicated research team will work incredibly hard to find the number for you. In most cases they will be able to do so. If they can’t find the information that you ant then you will get a complete refund, absolutely no questions asked. Again, I must stress that this is one of only a few companies out there (it may actually be the only one) which is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the results that you need from the service. This is one reason as to why I would not look anywhere else.

Three Standout Features of Phone Detective

Availability of a Large Database

The best reverse cell phone lookup services have a large database that contains the numbers of all the subscribers. The database is usually a compilation of the databases of mobile phone carriers and you will be able to get the names and other information of one or more numbers that you put in. There are many websites that have a limited database and you are unlikely to get information about the owners of the numbers that you are looking for.

Low Subscription Fees

Reverse phone lookup services, especially the paid ones like phone detective, pay mobile phone companies and local carriers to gain access to their databases. Naturally, they charge a subscription fee from their users to recover their monetary expenses. This fee may be one time or a periodic one. The best reverse cell phone lookup services have a small one-time fee and do not expect you to pay anything at a later stage. You do not have to pay at any time after paying the fee only once. You can also rest assured that there will be no hidden charges to disturb you at any time during your use of the service.

High-Quality Services

You can expect the best services to have about 100% uptime. With free services, you can often encounter problems such as the website being unavailable for maintenance or other reasons. Paid services usually have a round the clock uptime and you can access their websites at any time of the day or night. These websites hire professional staff for regular maintenance and at times, they also have a customer support team in place to answer your queries and solve various issues that you might experience. It is better to go for paid websites and pay a one-time fee to enjoy better services and higher quality when you can be fairly sure to get poor and limited services with free websites.

Should You Try the Phone Detective Service?

Helps you keep an eye on someone

If you choose to hire a person as a detective then he may help you to track someone’s movements by manually following him but you have to pay a hefty amount of money as his fee. On the other hand you can yourself track the movements of that person by using a phone detective service without having to spend all that money.

Offers you better results

Another benefit you can expect while choosing to track a person by his phone can be that it offers in depth details in a short period of time as the data transfer usually takes a few minutes. This will offer you ample time to plan your next moves.

You can track a specific person 

If you think that your partner is cheating on you and you wish to know the truth then all you need to do is to extract the data of his or her recent calls and put it into the website of phone tracking that you had chosen. It will give you detailed information on the owners of those numbers and you will know whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

Use it as many times you wish

Another benefit you can expect from a phone detective service is that you can use it as many times as you wish. On the contrary if you hire a person as a detective then you may get some discounts by hiring him again but still the costs would be greater than the phone tracking service you have chosen.

Thus it can be said that a phone tracking can be a great help if you wish to track someone without having to spend a lot of time and money in this regard. So you should definitely try it once and if you are satisfied with the results then you can keep using it for as long as you wish.

While most websites claim to provide you with the best reverse phone lookup service, very few actually manage to do so. but believe me, Phone Detective actually does what it advertise.

So, If you are searching for the perfect way in which you can carry out a reverse number lookup then I really suggest you entertain the idea of using Phone Detective. As I mentioned previously, this is the only service which has given me 100% accurate results. I would not look anywhere else. Why not try out a single free search there? I am sure that you will not want to look anywhere else either.

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