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Also know as a criss-cross directory or the grey pages directory. They are phone numbers and other associated contacts but in this case, instead of a person looking up a business phone number by using other details such as the name and the location of the business it allows users to lookup customer details of a certain service by using the telephone service number.

Popular in law enforcement agencies, they are commonly used to determine the location of distress calls in order to accurately provide assistance and dispatch units with certainty.

In some cases they are available as part of the standard directory services but in others they are created by phone phreakers who gather information available publicly then providing a function that allows users to search telephone details.

Reverse Phone Lookup printed directories were provided and produced by telephone companies in the United States for a lot of years before private organizations joined in to offer the same services but at a fee and when the internet age came in the early 2000s reverse directories came online but these were usually advertising based. Here are some of the information in Reverse phone lookup Florida 

Reverse Phone Lookup in Florida via Internet

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The internet brought speed, efficiency and convenience to the world which meant an end to most of the paper directories as they were uploaded online. This made reverse phone number look up in Florida a search engine function of which many of them are completely free. Here are some.

The most popular search engine Google can be used as a reverse phone look up by simply searching the phone number and hitting enter. The Google phonebook results will usually show the phone owners name, street address and sometimes a map showing the exact location. As much as the search engine is powerful, not all phone numbers are indexed in their data base and sometimes the user will not get results. receives more than 30 million unique people who seek their service every month from Florida and the entire North America. By the end of 2009 their database had grown to more than 200 million Americans, to put that into perspective it had covered more than 80 percent of the adults in the United states alone. Although it is completely free to look up phone numbers, users can pay a small additional fee to have background information of the phone numbers and phone owners. it works of a database of local phone companies, but this doesn’t mean that international numbers can’t be searched. They can. It is estimated to have over 3.3 million unique monthly visitors in the United States. Like users, can pay a small additional fee to have additional background information of the phone numbers. with over 11 million U.S monthly unique visitors it provides names, addresses, a map of the location of the listed phone number and additional information for a fee.

Florida Reverse Phone Lookup via Apps


Majority of Americans in Florida and all the other states have Smart Phones, with the increasing popularity, mobile apps have become increasingly efficient in doing things that websites do but with double the speed and convenience.

True Caller is by far one of the best reverse phone lookup applications in the industry. How it works is that by registering on the app, your phone number and email address are uploaded to their online server. The application then goes through your entire phone book and uploads it on its servers. As much as it is designed as a caller identification and call and text blocker app, it performs reverse phone look up with great accuracy and speed. All this made possible by a free application on your phone.

Although some telephone users just want to have their privacy and be left alone, others would like to find friends and acquaintances for the sake of keeping in touch and they end up using the reverse phone number look up, some just want to know the caller ID of an unknown caller or a missed call, others just want to find out information behind a phone number that they wrote on a scruffy piece of paper then ended up forgetting about it.

In consideration, the reverse phone lookup florida can be a life saver in certain situations. Technological advances should continue influencing this field and demand in order to better the service.

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