Reverse Phone Number Lookup Canada to Trace People

Is there a number that you’ve been dying to trace? Someone who bothers you for the most trivial things, or even someone who threatens or tricks you to get money or other confidential personal information? It could also be someone who you think your significant other is cheating with, or a number who you think poses a threat to anyone in your family.

The use of cellular phones had provided much convenience to all of us, but it like any other development in technology, its discovery has also led to abusive use from a selected few that may trouble the peaceful lives of the majority. Stalkers, Identity thieves, and fraud. These are few of the issues that makes us want to find the people behind the numbers that we see.

You may not know, but it’s actually possible to trace these troublesome numbers through reverse phone number lookup! We know you might have tried to get back to these pranksters once or twice through witty remarks via messages or on call, but the real badass way for payback time is to actually know who’s behind these numbers and from that, the possibilities are endless.

Reverse Phone Lookup Canada – How is it done?

It’s quite easy to reverse lookup for emails and names, but numbers are a bit trickier. It is however, free and simple, unless you want to use paid software in the event that the free ones aren’t sufficient for your reverse look-up needs.

Here are the free sites that you can use to execute your reverse phone lookup Canada plans:

Websites for Reverse Phone Lookup in Canada

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Reverse Phone Lookup Through Facebook

Its convenience could be a delight and at the same time, a threat too. We are all required to link our numbers to our online accounts now, and Facebook is one of those. With the spotty security that is given to us online, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. If a person has linked his/her number to her Facebook account, all that you need to do is type the number on the search bar. However, if the person did not link his or her number to her Facebook account, one may resort to free online phone number look up sites.

Find Name from Phone Number Using myTELUS

This is a Canadian website, so it works best (and free of charge!) for Canadian numbers. The good news is, it could also work for American numbers on most occasions too. This site could provide the name and address on the number, but it only works best for landline units and isn’t the best for cellphones. As far as cellphones are concerned, they could only give the service provider.

Canada411ca Reverse Phone Lookup with Name

This website provides available information on reverse lookups for address or phone numbers. The site is easy to navigate It’s the online version of white pages for finding anything and everything from people to businesses in Canada. It also has an app version.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup in Canada with Mobile Apps


There are also mobile apps that could provide information on certain numbers. Some are free of charge and some are not. Here’s a few of these apps:

YP Yellow Pages Canada

This app, aside from widely being functional for travelers or simply for every day life, can look up unknown numbers that may be bothering you through its easily accessible reverse lookup feature. That allows you to look for numbers without them calling. You simply need to enter the number and look it up. It’s also useful for searching for business establishments, their operation hours, and phone number.

Privus Securline

Compatible for Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry phones, this app can provide real-time caller ID information from callers that may or may not be saved on your phonebook. It can even make sure that all your calls are private and not tapped and could provide security even for SMS and MMS exchange and video calls.


This app identifies numbers from unknown calls and could even block them. Photos of unknown callers may even be seen if it’s available. This app guarantees to have no unknown calls in your call history. To search for a number, simply put it in the reverse lookup feature on the app and it will provide available information on the number’s owner.

There are many more options in the app market and even online. This list could surely be good to kick start your reverse lookup in Canada needs. But if it isn’t, feel free to look further because there are more options out there.

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