Someone is Harassing Me On Phone | How to Trace a Prank Call

Are you dealing with a person who is harassing you by using the phone you own? Is he bothering you so much that you are thinking up going to the authorities? If the answer to both these questions is yes then you must take some action in this regard. One of the sure shot ways to deal with this problem on your own before calling on the authorities is to track the number from which you are getting these calls. Doing so would help you know the details of the prank caller who is bothering you and you may recognize him.

How Can I Trace a Prank Caller?

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If you wish to track the person who has been bothering you without intimating him of your intentions then seeking the services of a free reverse phone lookup now providing company is a good option that can be used by you. Such a company would help you to get the all hidden details of the person who is harassing without revealing your identity to him and it will be a boon for you as he will never know that you are tracking him and will not be bothered about being alert.

How Reverse Phone Lookup Can Save You from Harassment

If you are thinking that you may need any special equipment to start with the tracking and it may be expensive and put a hole in your budget then you should stop worrying. All you need to have in order to track the person bothering you is a computer or laptop with internet connection because you just need to enter his telephone number of the website of the company you have hired for this task.

The free reverse phone lookup service providing company’s website would then track the person’s details and would show you the result in very little time and all you need to do id to wait for the results to get displayed on the screen and make sure your internet is working fine until you get the results.

I have Found the Owner of the Prank Call. What to do next?

After you have got the required data on the person then you must match it with the details of the people you know in person. Doing this would help you to know that do you know the person who is bothering you or not. If you know that person then you may find a reason for his actions by racking your brains like have you offended him in the past? Did he have a personal grudge with you? Etc.

If you don’t know the person who is bothering you then it may be because the real culprit has hired him to bother you or it’s just his profession to bother innocents like you.

Always alert the authorities

After you have got the required information, then you must alert the local police or authorities about the same and they will take over the task from there and you would be tension free. Even after you have taken help of the authorities you must try to track the case until it’s resolved by them.

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  1. ntombekhaya says:

    Some has been harrassing me on watssap when i tried to call this number is going to voicemail how can i trace this number

  2. Someone is Harassing me through multiple fake numbers. The numbers change all the time. And when i try to call them back from other phones, it always claims to be “Disconnected” or “Not in service”. I have no idea how to track them, and it has be causing me alot of health issues. Alot of Anxiety, and loss of appetite. Can someone please help me?

  3. I’ve been getting harassed for a while via email phone Facebook you name it I’ve changed all of these multiple times but still seem to get me. They can see who I text know who I call then I get bombarded by texts about what’s been said plans made etc. Spoken to the police they say they can help as the numbers ain’t registered and the email ip seems to be from America. I’m at a lost and it’s really stressful.

  4. I keep getting harrassing calls where they whisper, and they start ussually every night between 12;00 am to 3;30am the calls say restricted what can I do to find the.

    • I’ve been getting the same calls with someone calling unknown for the last few weeks and they sit there and listenen and finally now they whispered when I answered and said “I’ve let it go once but I won’t let it go again..” And hung up.btben they called back and I was angry and they told me to go ahead and try to trace the call when I said I woke and they told me “I tried to be nice but now it’s f*** you c***.”. Then hung up. I have zero clue who this person is and why they are doing this. I got a service online called Trapcall, and it unmasks blocked numbers.. They just called me unknown but I believe they are using an app to call me from a fake number because it didn’t give me the name and address like the other callers since I got the app. Doesn’t this sound familiar..?

  5. How can I prove how is prank calling me. We have a situation in our neighborhood where we “think” we know who is behind all this mess. Unfortunately we do not have proof. :((
    My cell phone rings and the caller ID is that of someone else (doesn’t say Unknown or Blocked call); it actually has the name of someone that I know. However that person isn’t calling me!! The reverse is happening to that same person!!!! We are all losing sleep and getting MORE than frustrated and bothered by this situation. Two years ago it was happening with more neighbors and AT&T looked into the situation – quite extensively and they were unable to “solve” the mystery. It had been quiet for awhile; but it has picked up again. A few of us are losing sleep and having other health problems. Need help immediately!!! Thank you.

    • *who – not how

    • It seems really serious man. Take the help from police.. You don’t have to prove anything.. Just tell them whats happening, point the suspect and they will help you. DO THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!

  6. Can the police trace a texting app if they made it up with fake name and email?

  7. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but unless the person is calling numerous times a day and literally threatening your life or threatening to cause bodily harm Police are not going to forego any investigation.

    Just saying from experience with someone harassing me.

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