Top 3 Cell Phone Trackers That Actually Work : Review

In fact, today there is no real privacy because anyone can follow other people through their own mobile phones and it has become very easy with the help of certain type of software – cell phone tracker. The reason that this is so easy lies in the imperfection of the security system of mobile phones, which are almost constantly connected to the Internet. Despite inappropriate use of such software, there are cases when trackers may become very useful.

The safety of children on the street is the task that entirely depends on their parents. So how do you protect your children? Modern technologies are evolving with extraordinary speed, and in high school all children have mobile phones, which is the answer to the question. Just by installing a cell phone tracker on your child’s phone, you can keep track of their actions, and therefore prevent them from getting into any kind of trouble.

Mobile phone is an indispensable thing for almost every person as many of us store a lot of important personal data on it, and the loss of which can cause huge damage to us. That’s why installing cell phone tracker that works on your phone is so important. It will easily track the location of your phone in real-time using GPS, thus saving you from a lot of trouble. For this purpose we offer you

Cell Phone Trackers That Work



mSpy is an application that allows you to monitor Android and iOS based mobile phones and tablets. With mSpy you can learn about any activities, which occur on the target phone. Its Key features include:

a. Checking calls – mSpy allows you to know – who, when and where the target phone calls. It can also record calls and you can even hear the actual conversation.

b. Reading SMS and MMS – With mSpy you can read text messages that were sent or received from the target mobile phone.

c. Tracking by GPS location of the phone – mSpy also can be customized so that you will always know where the target mobile phone is located.

Besides mSpy is able to:

– View browser history of the phone, and even block certain websites;
– Read e-mails;
– View all the media, photo and video;
– Read messages from all known applications: Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, etc.;
– Manage applications.

How does mSPY work:

a. Buy mSpy app from the official site –
b. Choose the target phone of which you want to gain control. The setup takes up to 2 minutes.
c. Watch the phone via a web panel, which you can access by using your username and password.


mSpy is fully compatible with all major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.

This app will be useful for:

– Parents who want their children to always be safe. Moreover, in order to have control over their internet activity.
– Business owners who want to control their staff during working hours.
– Yourself, to always know what’s happening with your phone.



This tool was created for the purposes of recording phone calls and SMS content, which transmits all the gathered data to your mobile app.

When installed the software immediately disappears from the system, it has no interface and icons. It cannot be detected using task killer and does not appear in the list of Task Manager or applications. Flexispy has a hidden user interface, which is available only to the person who knows the code.

Key features include:

– Call logs;
– Monitoring web activities;
– GPS location;
– Monitoring media;
– Monitoring chat rooms and social networks;
– Monitoring sms, e-mail, and much more.

With Extreme Flexispy package you will also have the ability to record and listen to phone calls, activate and use the built-in camera and the phone’s microphone to monitor the environment. The Extreme version also includes a new feature – password cracker.


Flexispy is available for most devices. Currently, Flexispy supports such phones as Nokia, Symbian, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and tablets based on Android.

Customer Support

In terms of customer service and support Flexispy does a very good job, offering live chat support, and extensive help menu, which includes video tutorials.



TrackView is a cross-platform app that combines all mobile and desktop devices into a single security system with such possibilities as tracking the location of devices, video and audio recording, monitoring and motion capture.

Key features include:

– GPS-tracking data in real-time;
– Video and audio monitoring of the target phone environment;
– Tracking movements and sending instant notifications to mobile devices;
– Remote recording of audio and video;
– The application runs in the background, preserving battery life.

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