Top 5 Best Free Cell Phone Tracker Download for iOS and Android

Are you looking for the best free cell phone tracker to locate your family members? Is your quest on the best free cell phone tracker to find a stolen item? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover a list of free cell phone trackers to use in time of need. Based on the entrance of many location firms in this niche, it is now easy for the end consumer to select their favorite service without stress.



Studies have shown that MobiWee remain a free mobile tracker that can challenge Apple’s Find My Phone. MobiWee is not just a cell locating app. You can use this tracker on several platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone headsets. With this software, you can easily track and locate your lost or misplaced handsets. It can as well help you to retrieve information quickly. If you are unable to locate your headset, there is every possibility to encrypt, lock it, delete certificates and wipe private data. This is only available for the corporate user. In fact, you will have the opportunity to shutdown your mobile devices from any web browser. This can be done even if your SIM card has been altered. MobiWee acts like a file manager and can be used to send SMS and backup your contact.



This is another free cell phone tracking product that can be used in time of need. It usually allows GPS-enabled phone device users to share their position or placement on a map for a given pre-set time with anyone selected. Using Glympse will allow you to have full regulation of people needed in your environment. You will also know how long and where to locate people in your environment. This also means that your privacy is well secured. Unlike other tracing and location sharing firms that require users to build a friend network and create an account, Glympse on need a simple app download. For this reason, you will not have to sign up. Nevertheless, you may not only depend on it to locate your mobile phone. Glympse qualifies a good placement sharing app for several phone devices.



iLocalis is also a great free location device used for tracing iPhone app. This free cell phone tracker comes with great and excellent features that users can always rely on, time and again. With iLocalis, your family or friends will find it easy to locate you. This can always occur when you are able to find their near-by locations. However, the device will send a message to then for free. It will also help to track your iPhone location effectively. You will have to sign into the service provider’s website and find the coordinates of your iOS device on the internet. Another advantage of using iLocalis is to retrieve your lost or stolen iPhone. In case your iOS devices is stolen or lost, all that can be done is to log into their web page and find your iPhone location. You have the opportunity to make a call remotely and as well even send a message.

Mobile Defense:

mobile shield

From research and feasibility study, Mobile Defense can be compared with LoJack for Android Smartphone. It will help users to locate their stolen or lost cell phone via the main web page. It can as well be compared in operation to Find My iPhone and a location based application. You are sure to find your lost device back easily without stress. One great feature of Mobile Defense is to help lock your handset remotely after being found. It can also help located your lost or misplaced cell phone via the original website platform. The product can also help you to send alerts to your handset. This can be done by using security pin and alarm sound. Provided the software is installed successfully, the app is not detected on the handset. On this note, users will have to pass through ”Manage Applications” settings to get the best information. For this reason, the thief will easily notice it. You will also stand a better chance of locating your handset.



Do you need a hardcore phone tracker then you need to spend some money so that you can buy the mighty mSPY cell phone tracker. It is an all in one tracking application that lets you track the hell out of a cell phone. Once installed in the target phone it hides itself and become undetectable and transmits all the data from that cellphone online in your mSPY control panel, which you can view at realtime. mSPY lets you track Calls, Location, Texts, Media, WhatsApp, Facebook and much more. All you need to do is install this small app on the person’s cellphone which you want to track, rest you can leave it on the app itself. mSPY is a paid app which you can buy from the banner above.

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