Top 5 Best Websites to Try Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Have you ever wondered how how cops and the FBI find the bad guys through phone calls, or how hackers find target locations over a call? Well wonder no more, it’s done using a method commonly known as “Reverse Phone Look-up”. This method used to require a bit more tech knowledge to pull of when it was first discovered, but now anyone can go-to any of the many websites used for this, and type in there desired phone number and boom, theirs your targets location, but how does it work you may ask?

The way it works is basically like using a phone book.. well sorta, you can type any number you want in Google, and it tracks it by the area code, and checking the business’s (ex:AT&T) directories giving you the owners name, address, and/or whatever else there is connected to that phone number. There is also websites built for this, which results in giving you more information about the owner of the phone number.

Top 5 – Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

reverse phone lookup – This site will get over 37 million visitors per month, crazy right? The handy thing with this site is that it allows you to take on thing about a person, example address, and use it to get other things like relatives, numbers, former houses, etc. – AnyWho is owned and heavily managed by AT&T, but is also partnered with, since it is owned by AT&T, it works off of data and info gathered by local phone companies/stores in order to receive the desired information. Anywho will get on average 3 million monthly visitors. – It is owned by a company called ” Intelius “, they provide the same basic information as the others, address, map, number, etc. They will usually get over 11 million different visitors each month. – This website or service has recently developed as one of the best resource for reverse phone number lookup. It has huge database consisting of both cellular phones and landlines numbers. All you need to do here is login to their site, Input the phone number and Bamm!! you can get the owner name and address. As simple as that. – It is actually a paid service but worth giving a try. It only works for the US customers but the main thing is that it actually works. All you need to do is subscribe for their service and If the caller is resident of United States then believe me, None of the site above will work better than this one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that reverse phone look-ups work a lot different between landlines/home phones, and mobile cell phones, in fact, basically the whole method or “concept” of reverse phone look-up is changed when you want to search a cellular number.

Searching, or reverse looking-up, a number that is a home phone/landline is a lot easier/free to do rather than cellular. Most if not all reverse look-up sites/programs for cellular numbers do not cost money, and although they are not much, it still can be a hassle. Leading site for this is “Phone Detective”, they provide basic information of the cell phone owner, such as addresses, business numbers, name, and more.

Is Reverse Phone Number Lookup Legal?

A huge topic discussing phone number look-ups is of course, is it legal? and should it be? Yes reverse phone look-up is legal, yet there is tons & tons of people who claim it to be a “Invasion of privacy” and in some cases it is. Intelius actually had to close down their service in 2008 to avoid any lawsuits, but after some laws were made, and intelius reduced the amount of info given, it is now back up and running as the worlds biggest provider for cell phone related reverse phone look-ups. But the question still stands, ” should it be legal? “. It’s this argument that keeps us from furthering this technology for the good, because it would also bring attention to those who intend bad.

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