White Pages Reverse Phone Lookup – Who That Caller Is

Have you ever received anonymous calls at strange hours of the night? When you answer the phone there is no one there or they say nothing? If someone does answer the phone they always say they have the wrong number. The number that calls just consistently shows up on your cell phone or caller id. There are ways to research and discover who that caller is.

Many of us have been through similar situations like this before. Many times we overlook the situation but when it continues to it happening unnecessarily we know this is a strange occurrence and need to do something about it. There are ways to find answers to this dilemma but the obvious is you do not need to personally confront the person. You can take a better approach by researching their number through a number o methods.

The magic question is how do you find out the identity of the person making all those calls? 

The first thing you should do is search for the suspicious number with a search agency like white pages. A reverse phone lookup using white pages is a way to locate these mysterious phone numbers. White pages will run a search and determine if the number is a listed residential phone number. If it is, then you can certainly look up the number in the phone book or continue with white pages for an address. If white pages returns with no results then more than likely you are dealing with a cell phone. This will require more effort. Here are a few measures to take:

Reverse Phone Lookup Using Google


Searching Google for the number, using quotation marks around it, will help you to find it listed on the internet in multiple places. Using quotations will cause Googles search engine to look for only that exact phrase.

Reverse Phone Lookup Using Social Networks

Try researching websites like Facebook, Myspace, Kijiji, or Craigslist. If you do a search on Google for other social networks, you will find dozens to look through. Your search will yield the number if it is placed with any personal profile or a classified advertisement, either presently, or in the past. This kind of searching may be fruitful, but it certainly is tedious and time consuming.

The last action you can take if you do not have time to scour the internet is to find a reputable reverse phone lookup using white pages. They have enormous databases that will bring you results that will astonish you. There is a fee attached but it is not expensive.

So if there is a constant nagging phone number that is repeatedly calling your home or cell phone take action and find out who it is. It is better to be safe than sorry.

White Pages Reverse Phone Lookup

white pages

The White Pages companies generally will provide reverse lookup services for free — online. Yellow Book actually hands out and delivers these services for free to most mailboxes in the United States — for their nearby counties and communities. So, it is only natural that you could conduct a free lookup for other counties as well. There are many sites that provide these across the whole continental United States. Here is a list of multiple, popular sites that provide free reverse lookups:

  1. Addresses
  2. Any Who
  3. White Pages
  4. Info Space

A professional reverse lookup is generally used when all else fails; in this case, when trying out all of the free services fail. One of two conditions is usually met when a free service fails: either the phone number is unlisted or it’s a cell phone number. Generally, the best thing to do is to compare the professional services with a single site (i.e., see last paragraph). And usually, most of these professional services will give you your desired information instantly or in a couple of hours. And if you feel that other people may conduct a look up on you, most of these professional services will also allow you to remove your personal information (phone number) from online databases and phone records.

The Reason for a Reverse Phone Lookup is to find the owner and address of an inputted phone number. It can be a very serious issue when you receive calls from unknown persons — possibly just a prank caller or possibly a stalker. Other reasons for these services can range from relationship trust issues or to just knowing that who is the one that left a message on your machine — but forgot to leave their name or their address.

At last the conclusion is that always check the free lookup services first, and then the professional services. Many of the professional reverse phone lookup services will generally allow you to subscribe for a membership plan that will give you access to unlimited phone lookups — this is a fairly cost-effective way of obtaining reliable information on any phone number.

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